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The cover-up

An updated version can be found HERE

An attempt at a reconstruction of a possible course of events, based on the evidence from the files and the rogatory interviews (a summary in English of my last blog entries):

I believe that Madeleine died some time between 18:00 and 21:00 on May 2nd. It had been a disastrous week with bad weather and without support from Gerry for Kate with the difficult task of bringing the children to bed. Gerry, who preferred to play tennis in the evening, ignored Kate at dinner and flirted with the aerobics teacher on Tuesday. When he left the apartment again, after only being there for a quick shower after his "Beating the Pro" tennis event until 19:30, heading off again to the Tapas and leaving Kate behind with screaming kids, the situation escalated on Wednesday. IMO Madeleine threw an extraordinary tantrum on the playground that carried on in the apartment, an incident Jane Tanner attributed to her own daughter and which was mentioned for the first time in her rogatory interview. According to her statement the crying stopped abruptly. IMO Madeleine died at this moment as a result of a blow while standing on the sofa trying to see her father who passed the window via the road below with his friend Russell. Presumably she hit her head on the windowsill or when hitting the floor behind the sofa. The crying stopped abruptly.

This special crying incident had never been mentioned before because it was just too dangerous. But they knew that a Mrs. Fenn had contacted the Police regarding the crying at Tuesday night. When the rogatories were conducted, the files had not yet been released and so they did not know that Mrs. Fenn had not been at home on the Wednesday. They suspected that she had heard the crying of the Wednesday as well and with the statement wanted to pre-empt the Police should this question arise.

During the night of May 2nd it was decided to cover-up the death. The children needed their mother, their careers would be ruined, the insufficient child monitoring, the nightly crying, everything would become apparent. That would make the whole group accomplices, since they all had the same relaxed attitude towards the monitoring of their children some much younger than Madeleine. Their futures would be ruined as well. With this reasoning the other parents could have been pressurised to support the cover-up. Dianne Webster though, was not trusted, she would be kept out of the know.

Understandably, Kate had not turned up for dinner that night. To cover for her absence Rachael later claimed she had been sick that night and had stayed in the apartment. In case a waiter had remembered the number of people or men and women at the table. That Rachael was not the missing person at dinner is evident from the statement by Jane who claimed to have listened at the Oldfield's window that night for their daughter. Had Rachael been in the apartment this would have been an absurd act. To avoid that somebody had seen Gerry coming back alone to the apartment, Kate stated that she arrived 5 minutes after him.

On the following morning the McCanns were not able to attend the usual breakfast. Six employees of the Millenium restaurant stated that they had attended regularly. Dianne Webster also said that she saw them on the Wednesday, the only day she attended since tennis was postponed due to the weather. The McCanns however claimed in their interviews that they had only attended the breakfast once on the Sunday, never again. The fairytale about the missing buggy that hindered them from walking the distance to the Millenium was spread via the media to enforce it. Free breakfast for 5 people not taken advantage of? Knowing Gerry it is hardly believable. And statements of seven people contradicting them. Had it emerged that they had been in the restaurant every day except the Thursday the police would have probed this evidence much more thorough. Buggies – in plural – were readily available for the excursion to the beach on Monday or Tuesday according to their own statements.

To fake an entry in the crèche records without actually leaving a child there cannot be that difficult.

There were kids from three groups, including the Junior Group, in the one room above the main reception and quite a number of nannies with changing shifts. Jane was talking about 4 or 5 nannies responsible in this room. It was not the 1 nanny with 6 children scenario Mark Warner wanted to portray. And certainly not the 1 nanny for 3 kids ratio the McCanns claimed in order to give more credit to the nanny's statement.

IMO Gerry entered the kids club together with at least one other father who happened to drop his daughter off at 9:10, signed when nobody looked and possibly chatted with one of the nannies that were present. Maybe he asked one of those that were not responsible for Maddie if she could attend the tennis again instead of the sailing, because sailing seemed a bit dangerous. Such was born the myth that Madeleine attended the Thursday tennis although she was there already on the Tuesday. In the beginning most of the friends stated that Madeleine had attended the Thursday morning tennis, Rachael even still stated this in her rogatories. The photo with Maddie on the tennis court was launched in the press as the first „last“ picture, although there had been concerns about showing the bruise on her lower right arm. Kate claimed it was a sunburn.

Kate had to attend the tennis lesson in the morning because Dianne Webster would have noticed her missing. Afterwards she went together with Fiona Payne, who collected her youngest daughter from the same building where Maddie's crèche was, to sign Maddie out of the crèche again. Possibly Russell also collected his daughter at the same time and both created enough diversion for her to do this unnoticed.

Lunchtime was used to organise the course of events for the evening. I am sure that at least Gerry took part. To avoid the only person not in the know – Dianne Webster – the usual lunch at the Payne's balcony was cancelled. For once they met at Jane and Russel's place. Most probably the only deviation from the lunch routine this week.

It was important to keep Dianne Webster away from the children's dinner at 17:00 therefore a group outing was organised without the McCanns to the beach restaurant Paraiso. Russell O'Brien first claimed to had seen his daughter in the Tapas restaurant at dinner then got his statement changed to read that he had collected her at 16:45 from the Kid's Club to take her to the beach restaurant. But he also claimed that he sailed until 16:30 and then went for a swim. He only appeared on the restaurant's CCTV at 17:52 together with his eldest daughter. Plenty of time to collect her from the children's dinner at 17:30 where she might have eaten in the presence of Gerry, the twins and possibly Kate. Then signed out as Madeleine.

It would certainly have fooled the restaurant worker especially if shown an old photo of Madeleine the next day.

How can it be explained that Catriona Baker was fooled? First of all, contrary to the statements she was not solely responsible for a little group of six children but was together with at least 2 other nannies responsible for a much larger group. They went together to the beach outings and her colleague was not sure if Madeleine had been with them on one day. So it was possible to get the days confused and the children. Secondly, Mark Warner only supplied 2 nannies for the first interviews with the police citing ONLY from the possibly faked crèche records. All other details were added much later, culminating in the very vivid narration about the boat trip in her rogatories, that had all the hallmarks of a statement prepared by a person who had never been to Praia da Luz, talking about launches and a port that was not there.

After the crèche records had been set in stone, no nanny would have dared to voice doubt afterwards in the face of grieving parents and the world's press. And should they have given some odd statements to the police (or Dianne Webster), their initial statements could have been ripped apart in a court by their lawyers when shown that it was an ARGUIDO who had translated them. Was this the reason for the framing of Murat?

In the afternoon of the 3rd the get-together of all previous evenings had to be cancelled for Kate and the twins because Dianne would have noticed the missing child. David had to act as the witness that ALL the children were too tired but alive and well. He and Kate made a right mess out of this story that was supposed to support the fact that Madeleine was still alive at that time. How long did he really stay? Did he go in and see the kids or was he just standing at the door with Kate obscuring his view? Why could he not remember what Kate was wearing, even though she was clad in a towel according to her? Why did he talk about “ALL the children“?

The evening at the Tapas restaurant was planned as the time where the abduction should take place, giving them all an alibi via the waiters and Dianne Webster. It was because of her that the rush from the table had to be staged before the actual disposal of the body took place because she would have noticed an earlier absense of Gerry. A risky plan. As early as 21:30 - 21:45 it was instigated by Kate who came running to the Tapas area entrance shouting at the group. Gerry immediately sprinted off for his meeting with the Smith family. The others followed not before Fiona had instructed Dianne to stay at the table “in case Madeleine would come to look for them“.

Dianne talked to the waiter a fact which later produced the statements about an early alarm way before 22:00. After about 5 minutes Dianne went into the McCann's apartment where she did not encounter Gerry who was still on his way towards the rocks. She spent about 10 minutes in the apartment, before being sent off again by Fiona to collect their belongings at the Tapas again. By now Gerry was back and possibly did a quick „search“ around the pool area to account for his previous whereabouts. When Dianne came back to the apartment the second time he was also there and never went on a search again. At around 22:30 (almost an hour after the first rush from the table) Mrs. Fenn heard Kate screaming from the balcony - a cry which had followed the second alarm – the official one – that led to the phone call to the police. The early rush from the table and the late second alarm explain why different person's statements varied almost about an hour in the time they had heard of the disappearance.

The encounter with the Smith family had been a disaster. Suddenly Gerry needed an alibi because he had been away from the table at the time of the meeting. The time of the actual alarm had to be confused so much that they could boldly place it at 22:00, the time of the Smith sighting. Therefore Kate's screaming from the balcony. But this was not enough. A completely independent witness had to give Gerry an alibi at the exact time of the abduction. The only independent witness that night had been Jeremy Wilkins and the time Gerry had met him was nowhere near the time of the Smith encounter. But it had to do... Poor Jane Tanner had to tell the police of her sighting of the abductor at the exact same time she had also seen Gerry and Jez talking together. In order to make her fantasy less obvious Gerry placed his meeting with Jez at the other side of the road further down. This made way for Jane's sighting, would explain why Jez did not see her and would also purport the theory that 3 witnesses never completely agree in their statements. The fact that the poor abductor had to wander the streets of Praia da Luz in search for the sea for 45 minutes was a fact the police should rack their brains about. Matthew's badly concocted statement about his visit in 5A served as additional “evidence“ that she was taken away between Gerry's and Matthew's check, thus by Jane's egg-man.

To explain this check by Matt in the light of Dianne's strict statement that all parents checked on their own children alone, additional checks had to be invented for the previous days. Russell had to state in his rogatory interview that he had checked on the McCann's and Oldfield's children on the Sunday with a key to the front door, which he later changed to a check in 5A via the patio door and in 5B via the front door with a key. ALTHOUGH Matt was supposedly sick that evening and inside the apartment.

This shows how devastating the Smith encounter was, how many "explanations" had to be created because of this stupid coincidence in a usually deserted dark alleyway.

Many thanks for the valuable supply of archived material and especially the translations of those go to and of course to the translators and all the clever posters from the Mirror Forum, the 3A's and the maddiecasefiles.


  1. If your theory is correct then one can only assume that the british media had it spot on with the bumbling PT COPS.

  2. You have to acknoledge that a lot of it is based on the additional statements in the rogatory interviews which were only performed when the actual investigation by Amaral was finished, Paulo Rebelo was in charge and the PP wanted desperately the case closed imo under the pressure from the british.

    In any case, the files are also available to the british police and they were there as well from the beginning. It should have been a mutual investigation and they apparently looked the other way as well...

    And the british media was their biggest accomplices anyway.

  3. It's a possible scenario, indeed. Good work.

    I'd like to have your opinion on my theory about the place where Gerry dispoed of the body.

    Hope you can read portuguese:

  4. Ja, das ist alles schön und gut. Nur, wenn sich die Verantwortlichen nicht die Mühe machen und gründlich recherchieren, dann bringt uns das keinen Schritt weiter.

    Hier wird bewusst gemauert, offensichtliche Widersprüche will man einfach nicht sehen und die brit. Medien machen immer noch fröhlich mit.

  5. Diese Darstellung könnte der Wahrheit sehr nahe kommen, zumal sie sich immer auch stützt auf die Polizeiakten. Warum aber hat man bei einem möglichen Unfall des Kindes nicht einen Notarzt gerufen? Ich denke, weil bei einer Obduktion ans Licht gekommen wäre, daß das Kind sediert wurde, möglicherweise hätten sich zusätzlich auch noch andere Verdachtsmomente ergeben.
    Auf jeden Fall sehr logische Gedankengänge in dem Beitrag, wobei ich denke, daß imho McCies massive Hilfe von Dritten beim Verschwindenlassen der Leiche hatten, sie schienen sich immer sehr sehr sicher zu sein, daß man nichts findet. Ich muss hier einmal sagen, daß ich noch nie soviel Arroganz, Dreistigkeit und Kälte gesehen habe, als bei diesem "Elternpaar", sorry. Deshalb finde ich es äusserst bedenklich, daß sie auf solche Art und Weise davonzukommen scheinen.

  6. Cody:
    Hilfe von Dritten - Tapas?
    Aber warum zum Henker sollten die Tapas als Mitwisser die Meckies decken? Keine Freundschaft der Welt kann so stark sein, dass dies funktioniert, geschweige denn, dass man das verlangen kann. Vielleicht doch was Pädophiles?

  7. @Pericles Pinto
    I had the same suspicions as you and I visited both dams in 2009 to get a feeling for the places. Apart from Correios search at the Barragem do Bravura I have found nothing in the files and especially in the phone ping records that tell of any activity in that region. Of course they had a separate set of mobiles supplied via David Payne of which we have no records, but we have strange activity on their regular phones in the triangle also mentioned in the files between Sagres,Raposeira and Budens, starting at the time just when the dogs and Mark Harrison were getting involved. Gerry being a control freak I doubt that water is his first choice since water tends to set its secrets free just at the worst moments. So regarding a place of disposal, I have no set opinion yet, but the dam crossed my mind as well at that time.

  8. @Cody
    Ich habe hier keinen Unfall geschildert, sondern den Tod mit dem Auslöser der Fremdeinwirkung, einem Ausraster durch ein gestresstes Elternteil. Dies ist keinem Unfall gleichzusetzen. M.M.n. waren zwar die Zwillinge am Donnerstag Abend sediert, um den Plan nicht zu stören und evtl. die Leiche ihrer Schwester zu finden, aber wäre Madeleine durch Sedierung zu Tode gekommen, hätte man dies nicht mehr bei den Zwillingen gemacht.

  9. @anonym 18:41
    Die Karrieren ruiniert, die Kinder vom Social Service vielleicht kassiert. So wie ich Gerry kenne, hat er massivst Druck ausgeübt und die schlimmsten Szenarien ausgemalt. Meine Version lässt bewusst offen, ob die Tapasniks die wahre Todesursache überhaupt kannten oder ob ihnen ein Unfall vorgegaukelt wurde...

  10. This piece of detection must have taken you a lot of work, well done.

    IMO its a plausible cover-up theory but I`m not convinced as to why the T6 got involved in a cover-up. I don`t think it would have ruined their careers if they`d said no. But were they clean themselves and were they strong enough to say no to GM who is obviously a strong personality? Maybe GM had threatened them and painted a dramatic picture of doom if they did not help him.

    Had they not been persuaded to join in the cover-up, I`m sure they would just have been viewed as part of a group where one couple`s child died. It has happened before without tarnishing everyone in the group.

    If M had died of natural accidental causes like falling off the back of the settee, there would be no reason not to be open about it and they would have had sympathy if they`d called an ambulance immediately. So there must have been a reason for G&K to cover it up, i.e. some sort of pre-mortem abuse. And, as you say, it would mean asking the rest of the group to comply. I just find it odd that they did comply, unless GM had dirt on them.

  11. Hi Lou thanks for your input.

    Don't forget it happened in a foreign country of which they did not speak the language. Also Social Services in Britain would not have reacted lightly on their childcare arrangements.

    And perhaps there was the promise to get help through their "connections" or even some unrelated threats. But this will only come out if one of the Tapasniks will finally break their pact of silence. I hope that if my theory is pretty close to the mark and it gets a bit of attention, those that still feel pretty safe will feel threatened and finally break that pact. It would be their best bet...

  12. If it was an accident, like you describe above, why hide the body?Maybe one of the parents beated her, strongly, that is why she died, and the parents left her on the floor while they were recovering from the schock and later while they were planning the disappearence of the body.They did not touch the crime scene.
    Some of Tapas 9 told that the afternoon of the 3rd the group went to the beach, except for the McCanns.This was probably to confuse the crèche.
    The "last"photo at the swimming pool, with only one of the siblings...where was the 3rd child?On the place where Maddie is now, on that photo.
    Maddie with a nearly baby face, much younger.
    Why a "proof"she was still alive?Because she wasn't.It is possible that Kate lost her temper, on the 2nd, and became violent.
    That is why no autopsie.

  13. I was NOT talking about an accident. I was talking about a hysterical mother who got incensed when her tantrumy child cried out for the man who was responsible for the mess she was in trying to grasp a look at him out of the window where he just had passed....

    Gerry tried reduce the damage by likening a death by a hysterical parent to an accident when he said: 'An accident, a moment of madness'

    IT IS NOT THE SAME - no accident

  14. Hi Johanna - Yes, I`m sure someone will come clean eventually. I must say your theory is one of the most plausible I`ve read and you`ve covered so much detail which some other theorists don`t.

    The Social Services in UK don`t seem to have taken much notice of the negligence anyway - being a doctor carries an awful lot of credence I suppose. In that regard, I`m not sure I believe the negligence story anyway - and think it may have been a red herring to cover a worse sin. I`m not convinced that intelligent people, especially doctors, would leave their babies unattended. They just had to say that to leave a good opening for an abductor. Maybe I`m naive.

    Anyway - you definitely have the mind of a good investigator, especially in a case that`s so clouded with lies.

  15. Hi Johanna,I believe your theory is very close to the truth, everything fits. The Tapas knew they had lied that is why they never kept the libel payout they won from the newspaper and gave it to Kate and Gerry.
    Do you think Madeleines remains will ever be found?

  16. Thank you all. The silence from the pro's on Twitter and Facebook is deafening. Usually I get a lot of abuse for my posts, but not so this time...

  17. Kate McCann hat ja bereitwillig erzählt, dass Maddie sie am Donnerstagmorgen, den 3. Mai 2007, am Tag ihres Verschwindens angeblich gefragt haben soll:
    'Mummy, warum wart ihr nicht da, als wir geweint haben letzte Nacht?'
    Hier wird freiwillig der Vernachlässigungsverdacht forciert um solchermassen die Entführungstheorie zu stärken.
    Dann gibt es noch die mit blumenreichen Ausschmückungen versehene Aussage von David Payne, er sei am Donnerstagnachmittag im Apartment der McCanns gewesen und Payne betonte mehrfach, er habe alle DREI Kinder gesehen, ALLe, und sie hätten ausgesehen wie kleine Engel, und ALLE so gesund und ALLE DREI wohlauf, ALL OF THEM, ALL THREE!
    Diese beiden Darstellungen von Kate Mc Cann und David Payne sind meiner Meinung nach ganz klare Versuche zu suggerieren, dass Maddie am Donnerstag, den 3. Mai 2007, noch am leben war, was mir schwer fällt, zu glauben. Die Wohnung war zu diesem Zeitpunkt klinisch sauber gereinigt und aufgeräunt, es gab bereits "Fahndungsbilder" und konkrete Pläne mit der "Handhabung" der Medien.

  18. Stunning ! Well thought out and very possible. I think the problem have is the why , but they do not realise the egos of these two and their friends and not to lose face, the importance of proving to the world that Gerry was just a jumped up joiner like his dad and that Kate wasnt really a slag and was a GOOD girl like Eliza Doolittle in My fair lady

  19. Excelente teoría Johanna. Tengo una idea desde hace mucho tiempo y desearía decírtela, pero no hablo ni ingles ni alemán...

    Très belle théorie Johanna; j'ai une idée depuis longtemps et j’aimerais vous écrire, mais je ne parle pas ni l'anglais ni l'allemand ...

    Prefieres el español o el francés?
    Alors, en espagnol? en français?

  20. Hola Mila,

    Hablo ni el idioma bien, pero mi hija habla español bien y se puede traducir para mí. También Google, más habilidades poco funciona para mí. Una discusión podría ser difícil sin embargo. Pero podemos intentar ... :)

  21. Your theory is excellent and I cannot fault it. I only have one reservation, the cots in seperate rooms,we need to know if the maid on her previous visit saw the same arrangement. If this were to be the case then I believe the McCanns were 'setting the abduction scene' the morning of May 2nd which would mean Madeleine died the evening before or dueing the night . The evening of May 2nd, the group, or those that were present at least went and sat at the bar (out of the norm for them) maybe to be remembered, drunk a little more and maybe also a little louder to show everything was fine. I do not believe neglect ever took place but was 'an excuse' to leave a window for abduction. I think Johanna you have taken the wind out of those who protest too much sails because your theory is very plausible. Madeleine dying the night of the 3rd and arranging their timelines would have been almost impossible. BUT whatever theory is correct, I am with you, Madeleine died before May 3rd.

  22. Thank you SteelMagnolia, I follow your blogs regularly.

    3 children in one room does not work at all. One of them usually tends to cry and wake up the others, so imo it was Amelie thatregularlYy slept in the parent's bedroom which would line up with the "statement" that Maddie and Sean had cried.

    A good point you raise, it would show premeditation and I am sure the PJ's reason for questioning this alleged arrangement. And the McCanns had to dispute it because indeed it would show planning an abduction.

    I do not agree though that neglect was an excuse. It was both. Real AND an excuse. And the means of forming the pact. There would have been a fake 15 minute window of opportunity had the Smith sighting not happened. Of course afterwards it was almost non-existant.

  23. Sehr plausible, danke Johanna!

  24. Excellent theory, very plausible and also "refreshing" to read as there is so much new insight that i have not read about anywhere before. You come up with -missing pieces- because that is what i have felt all along, there is so much MISSING in this whole story and so much that simply does not add up. Congrats, you have put a LOT of the puzzle together with much credibility. Now, there is ONE thing i would like to add however, David Payne..and the report of his to say the least -suspicious- sexual remarks that was very offensive to the couple who had been on holiday with them the yr or two before. (long time ago i read it now, so i cannot remember when their holiday in Mallorca was) Now, as horrific as it sounds, but if one would assume into this whole theory peadofilia on behalf of some or several people in the group, and assume that Madeleine died as a result of some extreme pervert act/s, and there was more then one person in that group being peadofiles, then it makes perfect sense why the pact between them is so deep and intense that no-one has as yet to this day cracked up. Lets not forget how many cases there has been in the last decade of cases of peadofilia where prominent members of society has been involved in this kind of insane deplorable activity in large groups of families. Maybe if you twin in this possibility into your theory the pieces will fit even more. All the best, and thank you for doing your very best to figure out the truth.

  25. To give you some insight how I arrived at the evening of the Wednesday as the time of death:

    In the morning her bed had been slept in according to the cleaner. And that was the last time her bed had been made. In the forensic photos her bed does not look slept in for 2 nights especially not if the whole family had read bedtime stories on this bed Thursday evening as they had claimed. It was just not slept in the way a little child turns and tossed in her bed. That meant that she was still alive Wednesday morning but did not sleep in the bed Wednesday night. Since a lot is based on Dianne Webster not being involved, I trust her statement that she last saw her Wednesday at the Tapas around 17:30.
    Shortly afterwards Tanner tells of the tantrum that her daughter had allegedly thrown to explain possible prolonged screaming that went on in the apartment until she just "crashed".

    I do take the Gaspar statements very serious and I admit that they might be the reason for a cover-up. But I doubt this was the reason for her death. Even if there had been a bathing event by an "uncle" as some seem to imply, there would not have been blood and cadaver odour behind the sofa.

    Years ago, because of occurrences in my proximity, I have read a lot about the habits of paedophiles, their ways of grooming and getting the trust of their victims. Brutal force, prolonged hysterical screaming and blood behind the sofa just do not fit in with their methods. Sedation would though. We don't know what happened on the other days but on Wednesday I am sure there was only Kate with the kids in the apartment.

  26. Gracias Johanna.
    Voy a escribir en español con palabras sencillas. Conseguiremos comprendernos.

  27. Hi,
    I am the same person you responded to (or presumably it was me you responded to explaining more about the happenings on wed and the bed and your study of peadophiles?) above and thank you so much for the clarification of your theory. I have tried to express and exchange views before on some other sites but somehow the exchange has not really lead me to any expanding and constructive forward going conclusions, and i quite sincerely get tired with the usual downgrading comments about the McCanns that people resort to as and when their own theories come to a dead end. I really do find your approach to be very constructive, because as none of the tried and tested theories work, it simply points to that something happened at some other point in time, and therefore your thoughts continue to work in a very plausible way.
    I have myself not done any studies on peadophiles mind workings, i quite sincerely find it too upsetting and disturbing personally, but as thorough as you seem to be, i totally take your word for what you say about the ins and outs of their methods. And obviously it gives me a lot to elaborate with constructing in my own mind a theory along your framework of happenings. I wholly accept what you say about that blood and violence as such are not within what turns these twisted minds on, however, i do think it is very plausible that even if Madeleine would have died as a result of a fall or some other accident that caused her to have a physical wound with resulting bleeding, then, that alone should not be enough for a normal and healthy parent to react in a psychological manner so as to cover up such an accident. Therefore, even though the actual presumed accident (for now) would not have been caused by sexual abuse as such, the resulting cover-up would still have been based on the fact that she would previously have been abused and the parents as doctors knew that in circumstances of such an accident, an autopsy and thorough examination of Madeleines body would have been made, and at that stage abuse would have become evident.
    Aside from that fact, personally i do find the thought of any other person apart from myself to bathe my children as extremely peculiar. Still in the Gaspar statements from Mallorca they indicate that people were bathing each others kids..was that not so?
    Looking forward to reading more of your expansions on your theory, and i will continue to post in myself as and when i think of something. I have read a lot about the case of JonBenet Ramsey..and i cannot help but to find something peculiarly similar about these cases even so that in JonBenets case her body was found. I suggest you read the following...(in case you are not familiar with the case previously)

    All the best.

  28. I think that you have this spot on with regard to the odd meeting by Gerry with the 'outsider' and the Tanner sighting. Regardless of the capability of the Portuguese police - the entire world has failed to realise the importance of McCann's strange emphasis in their so called 'Documentary' on which side of the street that meeting took place. Was Madeleines death an accident though? We will never know - but Kate McCann's propensity for violent responses makes me fear for the safety of any child in her 'care'.

  29. Thanks Ian, I have just seen the backlink on your Blog. :)

    Yes, if you believe the papers she is resembling the window Madeleine was allegedly taken from - unhinged