Sonntag, 19. Juni 2016

Dating Clement Freud

Let us bring some order in the process of the developing friendship between the McCanns and Clement Freud.

From Kate's official "Diary" aka madeleine we have these memories

At the beginning of July we received the following letter:

Dear McCanns, I have a house in P da L, been ashamed of the intrusion to your lives by our media . . . and if you would care to come to lunch/dinner at any time before Wednesday next, do ring and let me know. I cook decent meals.
Sincerely, Clement Freud
Gerry responded with a phone call and Sir Clement invited the seven of us there at that time – Gerry and myself with Sean and Amelie, plus Trisha, Sandy and Justine – to lunch the following day. He would be heading back to the UK a few hours later.

In the telephone files we have two corresponding phone calls from Gerry to the Villa on 3rd and 4th of July. The next mention in the bewk:

Clement Freud returned to Praia da Luz on 31 August and called Gerry that day. ‘Is it true, Gerry?’ he said, without preamble. ‘What’s that, Clement?’ ‘That you’re close to a breakdown and needing medication?’ Very funny. ‘I have a lot of empathy with the Express though, you know,’ he went on. For a split second Gerry thought he was serious. ‘Why’s that?’ ‘Well, you see, we both suffer from poor circulation.’ Thank God for people like Clement who kept us smiling.
This had been the Express healine from August 30th:

There were no phone calls received from Casa Colina but there is one 10 minute phone call Gerry received from a number that is not named at 18:22 and another one lasting 1:29 at 20:36.

Now we come to the 3rd of September, the day Ricardo Paiva came to the McCanns at 16:30 to tell them that they were going to be made arguido:

At 4.30pm Ricardo arrived with a female colleague and the forms Gerry needed to complete. After his colleague left with the paperwork, Ricardo asked if we had any queries he could answer. ‘Do you have any information for us?’ I inquired. He clarified with us the date of our planned departure back to the UK and told us that the PJ wanted to ‘interrogate’ me on Wednesday and Gerry on Thursday
Our plans for the evening went out of the window. We cancelled an interview we were scheduled to give Paris Match and dinner with Clement Freud.
At 9.50pm, I rang Clement. ‘Come on round,’ he said. ‘It’ll be nice to see you. But you’ll have to forgive my night-time attire.’ ...............
A couple of hours later, fortified by our brandies (it was my first-ever taste of the stuff), some useful snippets of advice and several amusing anecdotes, we left our friend feeling quite a bit better than we had when we’d arrived. The shock of that day, and of what we were now facing, on top of the trauma of Madeleine’s absence, never left us for a second, but it was interludes like this that gave us just enough strength to carry on.
This was their most desastrous day. Gerry had phoned him the day before at 15:42, and now he rang him again at 16:51 right after Ricardo told them at 16:30 they were going to be made arguido.

Then Kate rang him at 21:50 again and they went to his house at that time of the night to stay a couple of HOURS. On the day they thought they would be doomed...

I am sure this is all perfectly acceptable and normal...

Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Paedophile Haven

Nothing seems to surprise us anymore when it comes to the naming and shaming of members of the British Elite as alleged paedophiles. To realise that a large majority only seems to get found out after their death might be a coincidence but could also speak of cover-up in very high circles.It does not surprise me that one of the accused has now been connected prominently with the McCann case.

In 2009 I went on my first trip to visit Praia da Luz and to my husbands amusement photographed large parts of the phone book in that region. Back at home I used those photographs to help establish the owners of phones that turn up in the Vodafone files regarding the case. At that time I came across the calls to the Casa Colina and established a link to Clement Freud without having any proof if the parents had ever met or even spoken to him, since the villa was listed under the name of a friend of his. The connections to Murdoch and Mitchell just made me sit up, and the location of the Villa at their jogging path intrigued me.

Two years later Kate in her book confirmed that they indeed had met and thus confirmed my investigations from that time. This was the blog I wrote after her book was published


It might have been all above board and their meeting a social event deemed to comfort the parents of a missing child thrown among the wolves represented by the British media.

Would there not be that nagging question in the back regions of my brain that has always mystified me. Why was there a need to erase the phone history on both their phones prior to May 3rd? Even if they were guilty of covering-up an accident on the 3rd, why risk having to explain the deletion? If they had acted in a panic there would be no incriminating phone calls that needed deletion.

What happened prior to May 3rd that they did not want the Portuguese police to know?

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Mittwoch, 27. April 2016

Only one left

While in 2012 we had exactly 195 leads in the case of missing Madeleine and in 2014 some "thousands" were added during the Crimewatch show, we are now down to the last lead according to Sir Bernhard Hogan-Howe, who confirmed this in a LBC radio interview today.

The BBC adds from an unknown source that "the remaining line of inquiry is centred around a letter asking for assistance sent from UK investigators to the Portuguese Public Prosecution Service in July 2015".

IIrc this would have been the 6th rogatory letter sent to the Portuguese during Operation Grange. It is mentioned in this article from last year stating:
However, there is no indication Operation Grange will 'wind down' any time soon.
A spokeswoman for the Attorney General's office in Lisbon said the letter was received in July and will be acted on by the Policia Judiciaria, which is running the Portuguese investigation into Madeleine's disappearance in Praia da Luz, on the Algarve, on May 3, 2007. 
A source on the Portuguese investigation said: 'This letter shows the investigation is still very much alive and that both British and Portuguese police are still working together to try to find out what happened to Madeleine. 
'The case is not about to be shelved.'
Nothing is known regarding it's content but if we follow the line of rogatories during this investigation we might be able to see at least which direction it might be heading.

At the beginning we had a long succession of requests for possible suspects to be questioned that came to nothing. We then had the digging excursions that centered on two specific points where the body of Madeleine might have been deposited, initially and possibly at a later point in time. The last rogatory letter we know anything about was the 6th letter that was refered to only in the paper edition of Correio da Manhã on 14 March 2015.:
Scotland Yard has already sent a new rogatory letter in which they request the carrying out of new DNA tests on evidence already analysed in 2007
So they had eliminated all suspects and were now concentrating on forensics from 2007, possibly parts of the net curtains from 5A, the boot compartment from the hired car or strands of hair that were still in Portugal.

After this we are now down to one lead left, with one rogatory letter still to go. To me it is a cautiously optimistic message we had today, especially after BHH said that it was basically a Portuguese investigation.

So far Operation Grange has eliminated Jane Tanner's Bundleman, placed Smithman into the center of the investigation with a breathtaking photofit pointing towards a certain person, eliminated every possible perpetrator in the vicinity of Praia da Luz at that time and were then revisiting the crime scene with possible hiding places at locations that were in accordance with specific theories.

Whether this will lead to additional evidence is questionable and with the body still missing there might be an end to the investigation soon, but imo the investigation has reached the point where it is clear where the one lead left is pointing to.

Dienstag, 19. April 2016

Translation of the Conclusions of the Appellate Court's Decision

Bildunterschrift hinzufügen

Thanks to Astro for the translation.

A great day for Amaral and certainly for freedom of speech.

I especially like this:

.... – it was the subjects of the appeal themselves [Kate and Gerry McCann] who, benefiting from an easy access, multiplied themselves in interviews and interventions in national and international media, one must conclude that it was them who, voluntarily, limited their rights to reservation and to the intimacy of private life.

By proceeding in this manner, they opened the way for anyone to equally express an opinion about the case, contradicting their thesis – without losing their right to exercise a legitimate, and constitutionally consecrated, right to an opinion and a freedom of expression of thought.

They used the media for their purposes - mainly in explaining away all the discrepancies their actions and statments had created - and therefore diminished their privacy rights to a level where the right to an opinion weighs more. FANTASTIC!!