Montag, 30. Juni 2014

The wallet in the bush

From "madeleine" by Kate McCann:

By now we were more than familiar with
cases where evidence had been missed the first
time round and discovered on further searches (in
one instance the UK police had told us about,
wallet sitting in a bush). At this stage, I was also still
giving some credence to the information we were
receiving from psychics, some of whom were
suggesting that we should scour nearby territory

The paths that research take are long and winding. I was looking at the time when Danie Krugel was called in to search for Madeleine with his "matter orientation" machine. A most crucial time in the story. The question has never been successfully answered as to why two scientific people who requested professional expertise in all matters involved, such as the reliability of sniffer dogs, would ask a man with his secret electronic wiggle stick to go hunting for their daughter let alone be guided by the well-meaning advice of "psychics".

Let us look at the time frame Krugel's visit took place in. He arrived on the 15th July at a time when the parents had not yet been made arguidos and Robert Murat had been the only official suspect in the case, due to a friend of Clarence Mitchell having a "strange feeling" about him, CEOP "profiling" him as a sociopath of the highest order and of course because four of the nine Tapasniks had visions of him being at the crime location.

During the four days following his arrival Krugel surveyed the area to the East of Praia da Luz including the stretch of land where Scotland Yard has recently performed their second ground investigation. This area lies along the main street connecting Lagos with Praia da Luz and would have been the route George Brooks had taken that morning on May 4th around 6 a.m. when in his headlights he saw a couple carrying a child scurrying into a side road. It is the same road along which Kate and Matt went for some jogging allegedly on Wednesday lunch time.

If we are to assume that Madeleine's body had been hidden since 4th May on this piece of land - 15 minute walking distance from 5A -  why would Krugel now be allowed to survey this area and give a report with his findings to the PJ? Who then might initiate a second search with dogs and might possibly find the body? In my opinion this would only make sense if the discovery of the body would also present a link to the abductor, an unmistakable fingerprint that had been overlooked during the first searches like the wallet in the bush. Or preferably like a cigarette butt with the DNA of its owner...

But why then was no body discovered? Why no appropriate end to the sad saga? Let's hear Kate again:

Wednesday 18 July. The start of a downward spiral
for me. When I look back on our meeting with Neves
and Encarnação that day I recognize it as a turning
point: the beginning of what was to blow up into a
whole new nightmare...

The meeting ended with a final body blow. Danie
Krugel, on whom we had, irrationally, hung so much
hope, had produced a report for the PJ based on his
findings. His machine had recorded a ‘static signal’
from an area around the beach, close to or on the
Rocha Negra cliff. Although this included villas,
apartments and other buildings, the implication of
the ‘static signal’ was that Madeleine was most likely
to be dead and buried there.

Apparently everything was working according to plan, a "static signal" that Madeleine was most likely dead and buried in the area surrounding the Black Rock had been communicated by Krugel to the PJ. To this day Krugel is certain she had been in that area. Unfortunately there exists only a google maps image of a rather general area and no X that marks the spot.

But on the 18th of July, during this meeting with the PJ, the final body blow did not come from Krugel, but from a totally unexpected side. The PJ had requested the assistance of Mark Harrison and informed the parents during that meeting that Britain's best cadaver dogs were about to enter Portugal and would be searching Apartment 5A as well. Cadaver odour AND a body found in walking distance from the apartment might trump a cigarette butt, possibly overlooked again.

So the next day on 19th July their phones started pinging in the "Triangle" while they were sitting at the Bar Caribe with Trish, Sandy and the twins having a good time. The rest is history.


15/7 Krugel arrives
18/7 talks with PJ, info on upcoming arrival of Eddie and Keela
19/7 last day of Krugel's search - first phone pings in the "Triangle"
20/7 Mark Harrison arrives - McCanns make it to the top of the hill overlooking the area in 16 minute jogging
22/7 Gerry flies to Washington
26/7 Gerry comes back - second phone pings in the "Triangle"
27/7 third phone pings in the "Triangle"
28/7 fourth phone pings in the "Triangle"
29/7 Trish and Sandy leave PdL
30/7 Eddie and Keela arrive
31/7 searches in 5A
1/8 an alibi search of the above mentioned area was conducted within one hour

Mittwoch, 18. Juni 2014

A Sauce Said...: No stone left unturned?

A Sauce Said...: No stone left unturned?: Visitors to, the website of Madeleine’s Fund: Leaving No Stone Unturned, who wish to learn more about the Fu...

Freitag, 13. Juni 2014

Presumption of Innocence

The parents killed her. British police are stupid.

I have been asked many times the question why I don't respect the presumption of innocence in this case, especially by people that know me and my usual respect for human rights. It is not easy to explain.

From the time the news broke in May 2007 until the release of the police files, I had been very much a fence-sitter trying mostly to shed some light onto the hundreds of conflicting news reports. At that time I even was posting under the name Impartial on the Mirror forum and 3As. I could see the discrepancies, the changes to their statements via the media but I could also see two people devastated by the loss of their daughter.

During these months I kept the presumption of innocence high. Even though suspicions became stronger by the day it was my private opinion that even if there had been a terrible accident and the parents had somehow felt the need to cover-up her death in order to avoid repercussions to their other children, the children in the group, their jobs and reputation it was up to the law to investigate, charge, judge and sentence those responsible for it.

This still would be my stance today had it all stopped there. Had there not been added crimes to the original crime. Additional crimes that would never get followed up if the original crime would not be solved.

The crime of fraud for one. Taking money from schoolchildren, old age pensioners and well-meaning mothers. And not to be invested into a fake search for the missing child but very explicitly invested into the build-up of a defense wall that would avoid the proper prosecution of the original crime. Cheating the course of law if you like.

But it was the crime of deliberately casting wrong suspicions on another person that then caused me to drop my caution and restraint. The way in which Robert Murat had been set up by four of the friends of the McCanns, how his life and that of his mother and fiance had been shredded to pieces only because he was "too" helpful, happened to live in the direction of Jane's concocted sighting and coincidentally was also the person to translate the important statements of Dianne Webster and the nannies was my breaking point. In order to get justice for this crime the first one would have to be cleared up. Otherwise there would never be evidence of this follow-up crime. Compensation money by a paper that had been a victim itself was not a substitute for good old proper justice.

Last but not least it was the parents' atrocious treatment of the one man who had committed himself to finding out what had happened to their daughter: Goncalo Amaral
The vicious, vindictive, hate-filled persecution and destruction of another good man was the last straw that changed my view about a highly cherished good, the presumption of innocence. The law is clear, and no mere mortal can change it, but on this blog it was cast aside after the evaluation of the evidence of the police files to express the desire for the truth to be revealed, to put a stop to the never-ending destruction of people and the creation of a parallel universe built on lies and deception.

Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

The Dig 2.0

All around me I sense a drop in hope and trust. Based on the fact that a second location for digs has been chosen and that the MEDIA (accomplices in the crime of the century) have found a feeble thread to link one of the "suspects" to that area.


Tractorman is supposed to have worked at a tiny water treatment shack somewhere in the scrublands of the western Algarve.

The Express has elaborated a bit more on the possible targets:

They are to concentrate on areas close to a water treatment sub- station, a derelict farmhouse and an abandoned well.

Ah a derelict farmhouse brings back memories of Aztec towels with blood and fibres:
The hunt for Madeleine McCann last night centred on a disused barn near Praia da Luz where police found a towel stained with what may turn out to be the little girl's blood.Fibres found on the towel allegedly match fibres from the hire car rented by Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.Portuguese detectives discussed the breakthrough when they met British police and a Crown Prosecution Service official last week at a police station in Leicester.
 But there is a second lead that might confirm the seriousness of tomorrow's dig. And it is noone else but Michael Wright who coincidentally went for a pizza:

As for additional information I would like to add that on Sunday, 6 May I went to the pizzaria in PdL and bought a large quantity of pizzas. I was attended by a girl from Liverpool. I explained to her my relationship to the McCanns and she told me that her father 'George' had seen a man carrying a child in his arms in the early morning of 4 May in the resort. I asked her if her father had spoken about this to the Portuguese authorities. I don't know if the information was ever investigated.
 Sky was the first to broadcast it:
So George Brooks was on his way from Lagos to Praia da Luz on the morning of May 4th around 6 o'clock when it was still dark and the McCann couple had already left the Payne's apartment to do at least Kate's only physical search of her daughter.

The road George Brooks would have taken is exactly the road M537 along which the dig 2.0 is going to take place.

Two sightings of a man/couple carrying a child through Praia da Luz and two digs close to the areas these sightings occurred.

Forget about the water plant and do as the cultists do. Believe!!!


Dom't get your expectations too high, this is just the search for the second possible hiding place. The third and final one only one or two people know. 

Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Running commentary

A sentence from Pat Brown's latest blog has made me smile:
"We have heard via the press (and although this information can be questionable, the Portuguese press seems to agree FOR ONCE with the British press) that the scrubland area searched all last week was an area near to where at least one of the drug dealing suspects lived.
Any idea why this might be so? It is really simple if one has focused on the distribution of media spin ignoring most of its contents.

Clarence Mitchell has been firmly shut up by Scotland Yard with their latest instructions of the media.
No more "source close to the family"-nonsense or "friend of the family"-fairy tales. His days are over.

But it would not be the McCanns if they would simply give up. (Get a t-shirt with their motto here) They do have spent a lot of money for a PR agency in Portugal, Lift Consulting who have apparently taken over where Mitchell has left. The myth that all this is happening not because of 8 non-suspects who enjoyed some nights at the local tapas bar in 2007, but because of 8 burglars/drug traffickers has been transfered seemlessly from the UK to Portugal. Despite the more serious news outlets reiterating that the portuguese police is determined that the thesis is frankly rubbish.

Totally coincidentally Brendan de Beer has all the right sources, allegedly within the Portuguese police, those nasty plods who might endanger the whole operation by leaking information to the media. Well Scotland Yard might just pack up their equipment and leave, if the leaks are not stopped.

Never believe the media, always question the source. After 7 years we should know that.

Freitag, 6. Juni 2014

Where is Jane?

During the recent Miles for Missing People charity run Kate was competing in the 10k run while Gerry and the twins entered the 3k competition. According to the entry list Kate was to be accompanied by such old friends as Rachel Oldfield and Jane Tanner for moral support and to show that all was well within the Tapas group. There are pictures of Rachel to prove that she gladly stood by her old friend although she would have lost sight of Kate rather quickly tailing behind.

But where was Jane? There is no picture of her at the start of the race and she did not make it to the finish line according to the list of results. Did she get lost on the way or was she not there at all? Was her name entered into the attendee's list, waisting precious ~ 20 pounds from the FUND to give the impression that she was still good friends with the couple or did she simply not turn up because of things more important like the annual Galway Flip-Flop run?.

I am afraid we will hardly ever know.

But what we have learned only recently is, that after Andy Redwood had exonerated her from the suspicion of being a mere liar and fantasist by producing the ever so elusive "Man who carried a child", she has been placed firmly back into the very position she so desperately wanted to leave. And unfortunately by the very people she so badly wanted to help that night in May 2007.

The recent docu drama, offered to Channel 5 by a BRIGHTON based independent film company served only two purposes apart from secretly reveiling that it was the possibility of satellite images of the ABDUCTOR during the night of May 3rd that allowed Kevin Halligen to cheat the McCanns out of at least half a million: To document that the "world's best intelligence people" never ever once suspected the parents themselves and to place Jane firmly back into her role as a fantasist who makes up stories as she flip-flops along.

The "docu" also showed that the very people she tried to help out got her taped during interviews and did not trust her at all to keep quiet. Imagine the moment Andy Redwood showed her the Omega Report and what it contained regarding herself. If she did not have second thoughts after she had to read in Kate's book yet another alleged phantasy attributed to her (that she saw Madeleine during the sailing on the morning of May 3rd) that would have certainly made her reevaluate her position in the chess game she had always been a pawn in.

Wherever she is, I wish her all the strength she can muster for the upcoming months and years and give her one thing: She is the only human being in the game.

Dienstag, 3. Juni 2014

The fraudulent fund

While we are waiting for Tito and Muzzy to sniff out the perpetrators please have a look at this excellent blog that has done a lot of research on the fund once set up by the News of the World and its' subsequent distribution when the NotW shut down (Amen)

Montag, 2. Juni 2014

The completely unreliable dogs

Now Gerry, how does it feel whenScotland Yard is bringing in your biggest enemies?

Not today, yet.

Today they were somewhere else, involved in serious undercover work.