Freitag, 21. Juni 2013

Tony Parsons: "Perhaps I am an idiot..."

Sightings are good, sightings are proof, sightings are the highlights of the Madeleine story, fuelling the hope as well as the donations. But with the unedifying end of Metodo 3 and its main protagonists, especially Antonio Jimenez, the question about the veracity of some of the sightings arises again. And with the question about the sightings those that vouched for them, will have to look at them again with some humbleness. Ok.. joking...!!! I am talking about Tony Parsons who wrote such xenophobic marbles as "Oh, Up Yours Senor" and other trash. Either a mouthpiece for the McCanns or a perfect compass needle pointing exactly in the opposite direction of Truth and where to find it. I am sure there won't be any humbleness from Mr. Parsehole.

Tony used one sighting by an alleged Doctor - the majic word to grant you Tony's trust without any trivial credibility checks - as an example for more than 400 calls about alleged sightings that had to be true simply due to their excessive number.

"Dr."Naoual Malhi, who was ever so close with Metodo 3 and especially with Antonio Jimenez, travelled with him to the Morroccan outlaws, despite the risks for her personal wellbeing just because she had a pure and great heart. This is how Tony described her in one of his diatribes against Portuguese Police:

Clearly an intelligent, compassionate woman, she is so positive that she saw Madeleine being bundled into a taxi in Fnidk, in northern Morocco, that she has returned to the country with investigators from Metodo 3, the Spanish private detectives hired by the McCanns. It is worth noting that Dr Malhi neither wants nor expects any payment for her efforts. I believe her.

Perhaps I am an idiot
, or merely one of the millions who wants this terrible story to have a happy ending, but I still think there is a chance to get Madeleine back. Link

But look what one observant follower of the Maddy saga unearthed while trawling through the backwaters of the Leveson inquiry. An expense claim by Padraic Flanagan from the Express Group:

Padraic Flanagan, Employee No 510424 for €500, Cash paid to Naoual Malhi, Urbanacion Calahonda Royale, Mijas Costa, for exclusive buyup on Madeleine eyewitness. Link

So Naoual Malhi DID receive payment for her efforts. And if she charged the Express who else might she have charged for this sighting that never was?

So Tony, yes, you are an idiot.

A tiny coincidence should be mentioned for future reference: Naoual Malhi lived in the same estate as Amy Fitzpatrick, the girl that "disappeared" in 2008 and whose mother had also contracted the infamous Metodo 3.

With many thanks to bestbefore who found the snippet in the Leveson files

Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Whitewash (updated)

Tweets by Mark Williams-Thomas suggest a frantic whitewashing exercise before Socrates will finally be without the power to influence the investigation on the Portuguese side.

Just been told that the Home Secretary did not want 2 commit the Met Police 2 undertake any kind of review but this was over ruled by the PM

Am told Home Secretary Ms May did not want to commit Met Police to any kind of Madeleine review but was over ruled by the PM- Mr Cameron

And the deal was very much done at a political level between both Prime Ministers - not at a policing level
After waking up this morning to the news that that Andy Redwood, the inspector "responsible" for the unsolved Jill Dando case, where Clarence Mitchell had been the first person on the crime scene, and where a patsy was found, convicted and later exonerated, is taking over the Maddie case I am going to give it a rest for now.

No need to bother anymore. The PJ had realised their involvement days after she went missing. We have realised their involvement pretty soon. After a thorough look into the files there was no doubt left that they were involved.

And now they are trying to tell us that they need years and millions to "review" the whole thing? LP had the files, they KNEW. But were ordered to do nothing.

I am clear in the knowledge of what happened that holiday. I am also convinced now that they had the means to get help from the Government in their cover-up.

The case is solved for me, my investigative mind is at rest. I have accepted that the world does not want to know the truth and that is fine with me.

There is not much left to discover, just to sit back and watch the final whitewash unfold. There will always be those that know and those that let themselves be deceived.

The McCanns and especially Kate as the main protagonist are not behind bars but have built their own prison worse than anything they would have had to expect had they admitted her death from the beginning.

...but where do you go to my lovely
When you're alone in your bed
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes I do...

Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013


A child goes missing in a foreign country. There are no indications of an abduction, she just disappears from this earth. The parents do everything to raise awareness in the media. Clarence Mitchell - PR-Guru - offers his services. A reward is offered.

The subject of neglect is being discussed in the media.

The mother employs Metodo 3, the crooks that have no experience with child abductions but so much more with fraud and other illegal activities. A laptop with possibly crucial evidence gets stolen. Soon after the employment of Metodo 3 all kind of sightings and suspects suddenly emerge. Mysterious blondes, dark strangers with african accents; known criminals are accused of having killed her. The obligatory white van has been seen.

A book is written, Prime Ministers are being besieged, money is requested for the CAMPAIGN.

And then there is a killing....


Although it sounds exactly like the story of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann the last sentence is pointing at a different case. I am talking about the disappearance of Amy Fitzgerald, a 15 year old girl that vanished in Spain in 2008. Although so similar, the latest developments could possibly bring Amy what Madeleine has still no chance of achieving. Justice