Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Spotting the (Red) wood for the trees

Robbers, gypsys, tractormen. The UK media - fuelled by the Master Manipulator - is on the rampage again.

Some more serious reports emerging from Portugal can hardly drown the incessant noise. We learned over the weekend that it is not Mitchell's three robbers they are after (quelle surprise) but some workers from the Ocean's Club. Nobody official ever mentioned that they are suspects. So what is Redwood after?

The much more reliable portuguese media is telling us today:

Judiciary looks for driver from the hotel where Maddie disappeared from
The man, who is single and may now be 40 years old...

 In the files we have only two statements of drivers, and only one that fits the age.

If we dive further into the files (something no respected british journo is ever going to stoop to) we find his mobile number in the original statement taken by the Policia Judiciaria. Another search through the list of phone contacts compiled from the data of three mobile phone providers for the time between 21:45 and 22:15 - a time even the PJ seemed extremely interested in - reveals that this driver made one phonecall exactly at 21:51 a time that fits in perfectly with the timespan Andy Redwood refused to define as being still a part of the group's dinner.

His timeline for the movements of the group stopped at 21:40 and after having eliminated the non-existent Tannerman in favour of the elusive Crecheman, there is only Kate's insistence about the time of the alert of 22:00 that separates Gerry from a missing alibi for his meeting with the Smith family.

So it seems crucial that the time between 21:40 and 22:00 is subjected to extreme scrutiny and any employee or fellow holidaymaker that might have had knowledge of a search for a missing girl BEFORE 22:00 could make or break Redwood's case.

Thumbs up for the thoroughness with which SY is apparently checking that timespan and I hope that the idiots from the Mirror, the Sun, Sky and the Mail will stop copying the case endangering rubbish Clarence Mitchell throws them and instead start looking at the files and apply some common sense.

One can dream afterall...

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