Montag, 30. Juni 2014

The wallet in the bush

From "madeleine" by Kate McCann:

By now we were more than familiar with
cases where evidence had been missed the first
time round and discovered on further searches (in
one instance the UK police had told us about,
wallet sitting in a bush). At this stage, I was also still
giving some credence to the information we were
receiving from psychics, some of whom were
suggesting that we should scour nearby territory

The paths that research take are long and winding. I was looking at the time when Danie Krugel was called in to search for Madeleine with his "matter orientation" machine. A most crucial time in the story. The question has never been successfully answered as to why two scientific people who requested professional expertise in all matters involved, such as the reliability of sniffer dogs, would ask a man with his secret electronic wiggle stick to go hunting for their daughter let alone be guided by the well-meaning advice of "psychics".

Let us look at the time frame Krugel's visit took place in. He arrived on the 15th July at a time when the parents had not yet been made arguidos and Robert Murat had been the only official suspect in the case, due to a friend of Clarence Mitchell having a "strange feeling" about him, CEOP "profiling" him as a sociopath of the highest order and of course because four of the nine Tapasniks had visions of him being at the crime location.

During the four days following his arrival Krugel surveyed the area to the East of Praia da Luz including the stretch of land where Scotland Yard has recently performed their second ground investigation. This area lies along the main street connecting Lagos with Praia da Luz and would have been the route George Brooks had taken that morning on May 4th around 6 a.m. when in his headlights he saw a couple carrying a child scurrying into a side road. It is the same road along which Kate and Matt went for some jogging allegedly on Wednesday lunch time.

If we are to assume that Madeleine's body had been hidden since 4th May on this piece of land - 15 minute walking distance from 5A -  why would Krugel now be allowed to survey this area and give a report with his findings to the PJ? Who then might initiate a second search with dogs and might possibly find the body? In my opinion this would only make sense if the discovery of the body would also present a link to the abductor, an unmistakable fingerprint that had been overlooked during the first searches like the wallet in the bush. Or preferably like a cigarette butt with the DNA of its owner...

But why then was no body discovered? Why no appropriate end to the sad saga? Let's hear Kate again:

Wednesday 18 July. The start of a downward spiral
for me. When I look back on our meeting with Neves
and Encarnação that day I recognize it as a turning
point: the beginning of what was to blow up into a
whole new nightmare...

The meeting ended with a final body blow. Danie
Krugel, on whom we had, irrationally, hung so much
hope, had produced a report for the PJ based on his
findings. His machine had recorded a ‘static signal’
from an area around the beach, close to or on the
Rocha Negra cliff. Although this included villas,
apartments and other buildings, the implication of
the ‘static signal’ was that Madeleine was most likely
to be dead and buried there.

Apparently everything was working according to plan, a "static signal" that Madeleine was most likely dead and buried in the area surrounding the Black Rock had been communicated by Krugel to the PJ. To this day Krugel is certain she had been in that area. Unfortunately there exists only a google maps image of a rather general area and no X that marks the spot.

But on the 18th of July, during this meeting with the PJ, the final body blow did not come from Krugel, but from a totally unexpected side. The PJ had requested the assistance of Mark Harrison and informed the parents during that meeting that Britain's best cadaver dogs were about to enter Portugal and would be searching Apartment 5A as well. Cadaver odour AND a body found in walking distance from the apartment might trump a cigarette butt, possibly overlooked again.

So the next day on 19th July their phones started pinging in the "Triangle" while they were sitting at the Bar Caribe with Trish, Sandy and the twins having a good time. The rest is history.


15/7 Krugel arrives
18/7 talks with PJ, info on upcoming arrival of Eddie and Keela
19/7 last day of Krugel's search - first phone pings in the "Triangle"
20/7 Mark Harrison arrives - McCanns make it to the top of the hill overlooking the area in 16 minute jogging
22/7 Gerry flies to Washington
26/7 Gerry comes back - second phone pings in the "Triangle"
27/7 third phone pings in the "Triangle"
28/7 fourth phone pings in the "Triangle"
29/7 Trish and Sandy leave PdL
30/7 Eddie and Keela arrive
31/7 searches in 5A
1/8 an alibi search of the above mentioned area was conducted within one hour


  1. hallo johanna,was sind das denn für news laut bildzeitung?? 2 verdächtige männer werden im auto gezeigt und angeblich verhört?? müssen wir wieder die hoffnung verlieren??lg

  2. Es wurden 4 Männer verhört, die vorsichtshalber von den Portugiesen zu Arguidos gemacht wurden um ihnen das Aussageverweigerungsrecht und die Möglichkeit auf einen Anwalt zu geben. Einer war Sergej Malinka, der auch 2007 schon im Verdacht stand, ein Fahrer des Ocean Club, ein Drogenabhängiger/Schiziphrener und ein junger Mann, der damals gerade mal 16 war.

    So wie ich es mir zusammenreime, basiert diese Aktion in erster Linie auf einer Theorie der Privatermittler der McCanns und besteht hauptsächlich aus Gerüchten, der Tatsache, dass angeblich alle 4 mehrfach am 3. Mai miteinander telefoniert haben und der Nähe der Wohnungen zur Smith Sichtung (was in Praia da Luz nicht schwer ist).

    Ich bin mir im Moment noch nicht sicher was ich von dieser m.M.n. sehr stümperhaft zusammengestückelten Aktion halten soll. Vielleicht will man wirklich auch alle möglichen Gegenszenarien ausschließen. Dass man dafür aber m.M.n. Unschuldige mal wieder ans Licht zerrt ist skrupellos. Dass die Portugiesen diese Leute für unschuldig halten ist nur ein schwacher Trost.

    Was mich ein wenig irritierte, ist, dass die Hunde heute wieder eingeflogen wurden aber wohl nicht zum Einsatz kamen, bei den Kosten schon merkwürdig.

    1. Endlich fängst du an zu zweifeln, Johanna!

  3. Hallo Johanna,
    ich habe eine Frage, die Du mir vielleicht beantworten kannst: Wieso wurden Beweise (CuddleCat, Kate's Hose...) nicht von der Polizei beschlagnahmt, eingetütet und in einer Asservatenkammer verwahrt?
    Liebe Grüße