Dienstag, 10. Juni 2014

The Dig 2.0

All around me I sense a drop in hope and trust. Based on the fact that a second location for digs has been chosen and that the MEDIA (accomplices in the crime of the century) have found a feeble thread to link one of the "suspects" to that area.


Tractorman is supposed to have worked at a tiny water treatment shack somewhere in the scrublands of the western Algarve.

The Express has elaborated a bit more on the possible targets:

They are to concentrate on areas close to a water treatment sub- station, a derelict farmhouse and an abandoned well.

Ah a derelict farmhouse brings back memories of Aztec towels with blood and fibres:
The hunt for Madeleine McCann last night centred on a disused barn near Praia da Luz where police found a towel stained with what may turn out to be the little girl's blood.Fibres found on the towel allegedly match fibres from the hire car rented by Maddie's parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.Portuguese detectives discussed the breakthrough when they met British police and a Crown Prosecution Service official last week at a police station in Leicester.
 But there is a second lead that might confirm the seriousness of tomorrow's dig. And it is noone else but Michael Wright who coincidentally went for a pizza:

As for additional information I would like to add that on Sunday, 6 May I went to the pizzaria in PdL and bought a large quantity of pizzas. I was attended by a girl from Liverpool. I explained to her my relationship to the McCanns and she told me that her father 'George' had seen a man carrying a child in his arms in the early morning of 4 May in the resort. I asked her if her father had spoken about this to the Portuguese authorities. I don't know if the information was ever investigated.
 Sky was the first to broadcast it:
So George Brooks was on his way from Lagos to Praia da Luz on the morning of May 4th around 6 o'clock when it was still dark and the McCann couple had already left the Payne's apartment to do at least Kate's only physical search of her daughter.

The road George Brooks would have taken is exactly the road M537 along which the dig 2.0 is going to take place.

Two sightings of a man/couple carrying a child through Praia da Luz and two digs close to the areas these sightings occurred.

Forget about the water plant and do as the cultists do. Believe!!!


Dom't get your expectations too high, this is just the search for the second possible hiding place. The third and final one only one or two people know. 


  1. Johanna!... "...do as the cultists do.Believe!!!" lol, No. I think we should be agnostic. Belief is hurting people at the moment. Seriously.

    Those who believe in a whitewash are angry beyond words, and those who believe in "arrests are coming" are now desperate to see that fulfilment. This world then becomes polarised. We are caught between childish 'black or white' scenarios that can never do justice to such a complex and uncertain situation.

    So no, walk the middle path!! Be agnostic!! Belief is a hoodwink.

    Whitewash?...I don't believe it!
    The Met?...I'll wait to see!

    Currently I weigh it like this: Operation Grange is either winding up to the grandstand finish (arrests), or it is being wound down to a statement of no conclusion. (No conclusion will look to many to be a whitewash, and they may be right, but I'm happily agnostic! I don't know enough to say.)

    Even if Redwood does fail and there is no conclusion, that doesn't represent the disaster that some people think. We don't know what groundwork he may (or may not) have passed on to the PJ; and the conditions of Portuguese law are very different to the UK. What the Met finds impossible to negotiate to a successful end, the PJ might be able to complete.

    I actually take some hope from the fact that this is not a Joint Investigation. Not because the PJ and Met need to cast either the heroes or villains, but because at least this way not all our eggs are in one basket!

    1. Of course I agree completely with your comments refering to my sarcastic use of the word ""Believe"". Always keep an open mind and I apoligize if that came over differently,

      As to the joint investigation: It might not yet be a JIT (although we don't really know) I am convinced that those in the PJ that have been informed about what SY wants to achieve are on the same side and working for the same goal,

    2. Johanna,
      Oh, no need to apologise at all. Of course it was a humorous remark. We nutters should be able to laugh at ourselves!
      I worry though that some people (not yourself) have put excessive 'faith' in others (Redwood, Amaral....whoever) and can only end up being disappointed to find that we're all as fallible as each other...yes, even me! ;-)....surely not?

  2. By now I believe Mr. Redwood's instructions were: Nail them a 100% or exonerate them a 100% but make an end to that fuss! But one purpose is as hard to achieve as the other and I wouldn't want to be in Andy Redwood's skin ... Best wishes, Cody.

  3. I really have been praying very deeply. to the point of 4 days and 4 nights with no food or water in the mountains so that my prayers would carry more weight. And Madleleine was always in my prayers up there in that eternity.
    I feel positive that we are seeing collaboration here in an unprecedented way.
    I would love one day to read the total research and brain storms that had take both forces to this point in time.
    I wish the people digging right now to be blessed with integrity and intelligence so the wings of justice can wipe the slate clean.

  4. Hallo Johanna, weißt Du, wann die McCanns von ihrer "einzigen" physikalischen Suche zurück waren? Habe in Erinnerung, dass sie um 5.00 Uhr verschwanden. Und wie erklärst Du dir, dass Redwood erst jetzt dem "Hinweis Brooks" nachgeht? Wurde damals eigentlich in der "Dig 2"-Gegend gesucht? Liebe Grüße

  5. Ich meine sie wären ca. 2 Stunden unterwegs gewesen. Ich sage nicht dass Redwood dem Hinweis Brooks nachgeht. Ich weise nur auf mögliche Gründe für eine Suche an der Stelle hin. Ein weiterer Grund könnte auch die damalige Suche durch Danie Krugel gewesen sein. Jedenfalls scheint dort irgendwo das 2. Versteck der Leiche gewesen sein.

  6. Fazit:
    3.Mai, ca. 22 Uhr Smith-Sichtung: Gerry auf dem Weg zu Dig 1-Gebiet, 1. Versteck
    4.Mai, ca. 06 Uhr Brooks-Sichtung: Beide auf dem Weg zu Dig 2-Gebiet, 2. Versteck
    ca. 1 Monat später: Spuren im Kofferraum des Mietwagens, am Autoschlüssel, an der Kleidung von Kate..., mit dem Wagen auf dem Weg zu ..., Ende

  7. Die Spuren im Wagen wurden ca. 3 Monate später gefunden. Ansonsten.. So siehts aus