Montag, 9. Juni 2014

Running commentary

A sentence from Pat Brown's latest blog has made me smile:
"We have heard via the press (and although this information can be questionable, the Portuguese press seems to agree FOR ONCE with the British press) that the scrubland area searched all last week was an area near to where at least one of the drug dealing suspects lived.
Any idea why this might be so? It is really simple if one has focused on the distribution of media spin ignoring most of its contents.

Clarence Mitchell has been firmly shut up by Scotland Yard with their latest instructions of the media.
No more "source close to the family"-nonsense or "friend of the family"-fairy tales. His days are over.

But it would not be the McCanns if they would simply give up. (Get a t-shirt with their motto here) They do have spent a lot of money for a PR agency in Portugal, Lift Consulting who have apparently taken over where Mitchell has left. The myth that all this is happening not because of 8 non-suspects who enjoyed some nights at the local tapas bar in 2007, but because of 8 burglars/drug traffickers has been transfered seemlessly from the UK to Portugal. Despite the more serious news outlets reiterating that the portuguese police is determined that the thesis is frankly rubbish.

Totally coincidentally Brendan de Beer has all the right sources, allegedly within the Portuguese police, those nasty plods who might endanger the whole operation by leaking information to the media. Well Scotland Yard might just pack up their equipment and leave, if the leaks are not stopped.

Never believe the media, always question the source. After 7 years we should know that.


  1. Ich glaubte immer, dass zuerst Verdächtige verhört werden und danach gezielt nach dem Opfer gegraben wird!
    Viele Grüße, Josefine

  2. Es sind ja auch definitiv keine Verdächtigen sondern einfach Leute, die am Abend des 3. Mai telefonierten und am Mast Praia da Luz eingeloggt waren. Gleichzeiti wird man die, die zusätzlich noch einen kriminellen Hintergrund haben ausschließen. Aber der Hauptgrund m.M.n. ist nach wie vor die Frage wann die Menschen in Praia da Luz vom Verschwinden erfahren haben. War es vor 22:00 Uhr ist Gerry's Alibi für die Smith Sichtung futsch...

  3. hallo johanna,stimmt es dass kleidungsstücke gefunden wurden die evtl. maddie gehörten?? glaubst du immer noch an ein gutes baldiges ende??lg

    1. Es gibt keinerlei Hinweise dass Kleidungsstücke von ihr gefunden wurde. Ich glaube, dass SY und PJ ihr Bestes geben.

  4. Salvador da Cunha no longer works for McCanns.