Dienstag, 13. Juli 2010

Schwarz auf Weiß

Endlich haben wir es einmal schwarz auf weiß. Es gibt keinerlei Beweise dafür, dass Madeleine entführt wurde. Dies teilte das Foreign & Commonwealth Office einer Dame mit, die im Rahmen des Freedom of Information Acts einige Fragen zu entführten Kindern stellte. Das (ungekürzte) Original ist hier auf einer Regierungsseite zu finden:

Ob Jane Tanner das schon gelesen hat?

Dafür gab es gestern auf der SkyNews Diskussionsseite eine sehr gute Zusammenfassung unter dem Titel: 100 Gründe warum Madeleine McCann nicht entführt wurde. Leider überlebte die Diskussion keine 10 Stunden. Sobald die SkyRedakteure heute morgen aufgestanden waren, wurde das Thema ersatzlos gestrichen. Ich habs kopiert, und gebe es hier im Original von "Truestepper" wieder (Sogar die Hosenknöpfe meines vorherigen Postings sind eingeflossen):


1. All five markers in a sample found under the tiles, behind the sofa (exactly where Eddie, the EVRD [Cadaver] dog and Keela, the CSI [Human Blood] dog, both indicated), are 100% compatible with Madeleine's DNA profile

2. Fifteen of the markers, in a sample found under the luggage liner of the McCann?s Scenic (hired 24 days later), are 100% compatible with Madeleine's DNA profile

3. Shutters were not jemmied or forced, as claimed by the parents

4. No signs of forced entry anywhere in the apartment

5. No physical evidence of anyone having entered or left via the window, including?

6. ?No Lichen disturbance

7. ?No Fibres

8. ?No Finger prints of abductor

9. ?No footprints on bed

10. Only finger prints on the window are those of Kate


11. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to the McCann?s wardrobe in 5A

12. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted at the back of the sofa in 5A

13. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to the veranda outside the parent?s bedroom

14. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to the flower bed at the back of 5A

15. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to a white sleeveless top belonging to Kate

16. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to checked trousers belonging to Kate

17. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to a child?s red T shirt

18. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to a toy belonging to Madeleine

19. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to the key of the McCann?s rental Scenic car

20. Eddie, the EVRD (Cadaver) dog, positively alerted to the passenger?s door of the McCann?s Renault Scenic

21. Keela, the CSI (Human Blood) dog, positively alerted at the back of the sofa in 5A (exact same spot as alerted to by the EVRD dog)

22. Keela, the CSI (Human Blood) dog, positively alerted to the key of the McCann?s hire car

23. Keela, the CSI (Human Blood) dog, positively alerted to the interior of the hire vehicle?s boot


The only perceived evidence of ?abduction?, being the sighting by Jane Tanner at around 21.15 is riddled with inconsistencies and conflicting testimonies, being the fact that?

24. ?None of the scent tracking Search & Rescue dogs followed that trail, and in fact followed another trail completely

25. ?Jeremy Wilkins (independent witness) failed to spot the ?abductor?, despite being only yards away, while chatting to Gerry

26. ?Jeremy Wilkins (independent witness) failed to see Jane Tanner walking by, despite being on the same narrow sidewalk at the same time

27. ?Gerry himself failed to spot the ?abductor?, despite being only yards away, while chatting to Jeremy

28. ?Gerry contradicted Jeremy by stating that their chat was on the opposite side of the road from that as described, and drawn on a map, by Mr Wilkins

29. ?Gerry also contradicted Tanner, by stating that his chat with Jeremy was on the opposite side of the road from that mentioned by Jane

30. ?Jane failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking to her apartment at 21.15

31. ?Jane failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking from her apartment at 21.20

32. ?Jane never bumped into Jeremy Wilkins (who had walked back to his apartment after the chat with Gerry) while walking back from her apartment at 21.20

33. ?Russell O?Brien failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking to his apartment at 21.30

34. ?Matthew Oldfield failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking to his apartment, which was right next door, at 21.30

35. ?Matthew failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains while checking on Madeleine and the twins

36. ?Matthew failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking from his apartment back to the Tapas at around 21.35

37. ?Jane failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking to her apartment at 21.45

38. ?Russell failed to spot the open window and shutters and blowing curtains coming from Madeleine?s bedroom while walking back from his apartment at 21.50

39. ?Tanner?s description has changed several times

40. ?It makes no sense, especially if (as the McCann?s claim) that this was a well planned abduction, that the abductor walks across the very road used by the parents to check on their children

41... The abductor failed to hear either Tanner, Gerry or Wilkins, and continued on the path that would put him in the full vision of all three

42... If the abductor had lifted Madeleine out of the bed, then he would be carrying with her head to his right hand side, not on the left as in Tanner?s claimed sighting


43. The Smith family (independent witnesses) sighting has, with the exception of one brief mention two years later, been completely ignored by the McCann?s and their private detectives from day one (no e-fit / press conference / media onslaught) despite the fact that?

44. ?There was huge publicity given to the Tanner sighting, including the pressure put on the Portuguese authorities to get the details out there

45. ?The Smith family descriptions have never changed

46. ?The sighting was only minutes before the 'alarm' was raised

47. ?The sighting was only 250 metres from the apartment

48. ?This sighting would have explained many of the inconsistencies of the Tanner sighting as mentioned above

49. ?There were several members of the family who witnessed this man carrying a child

50. The general area and timing of the sighting made by the family can be corroborated by a restaurant receipt for that evening

51. The general description of the man could fit Gerry McCann

52. The description of the child matches Madeleine

53. The type of trousers match those possessed by Gerry

54. Trousers match in terms of colour

55. Trousers even match in terms of the visible buttons as mentioned by one of the family

56. Martin and his wife later identified the carrier, through the distinctive carrying style, as being Gerry McCann

Given much of the above, the remarkable coincidence that?

57. The pressure put on the PJ to highlight the Tanner sighting came at exactly the same time as the Smith family were being brought back to Portugal to go over the sighting in more detail

58. The sighting was in a different part of town from the Tanner sighting

59. It was also heading in a completely different direction

60. The carrying style was completely different to that of the Tanner sighting

61. And yet? the McCann?s deliberately altered the Smith sighting carrying style so as to match that of the Tanner sighting, during the only ever significant mention of the sighting, in a McCann made reconstruction aired only a few days after Amaral?s (in which he included the Smith sighting)

62. They also tried to morph the carrier into the same man as seen by Tanner, despite significant differences in descriptions


There are many instances of strange behaviour from the McCann?s, not being consistent with parents of a child abducted by paedophiles, including (but not limited to)?

63. Kate complaining about the speed of a police vehicle while being take to look into a new lead at PJ HQ (sighting caught on CCTV)

64. Gerry laughing and joking and sucking lollipops while one of the most significant abduction leads came to a climax

65. Very little mention of the huge award available over the last three years

66. Despite raising millions through their fund, and spending thousands on media monitoring, they continue to charge for travel kits and for printing off posters designed to help find their daughter

67. Lack of physical searching during the first few days

68. Lack of physically handing out leaflets / putting up posters themselves

69. Hiring cowboy private detectives with no expertise or experience in finding children

70. Gerry smirking when asked by a Sky News presenter how he feels when someone comes forward who is certain that they have seen Madeleine

71. When up to 14 possible sightings of Madeleine emerged in Malta, resulting in a huge police operation including Interpol, the McCann?s hot footed it to Germany for more TV plugs

72. When the most promising sighting of all was made in Belgium, a 110% certain sighting by a child therapist, considered so credible by authorities that they despatched a forensics team, the McCanns went looking in Huelva, Spain

73. Gerry?s initial claim, as overheard by another holidaymaker, within minutes of the alarm being raised, that Madeleine had been taken by paedophiles. How did he know that?

74. Gerry caught on Camera laughing his head off only a few days after his daughter had been ?abducted by paedophiles? as claimed by the parents

75. Despite refuting the claims of the dogs / Scenic findings, the McCann?s continued to submit ridiculous reasoning for them, including Sea bass, sweat, dirty nappies, rubbish en-route to dump, rotten meat, and attending to 6 bodies before the holiday, amongst others

76. Kate refusing to answer 48 police questions

77. The McCann?s and their holiday friends all refusing to attend a police reconstruction

78. Despite the Madeleine?s disappearance looking like an inside job from the outset, the McCann?s and their friends were happy enough returning their children to the MW creche just hours later, despite not knowing if any of the staff were involved

79. When Kate raised the alarm, she ran back to the table, leaving the twins in the apartment while not knowing whether the abductor(s) were still onsite

80. Kate shouting ?They?ve taken her!?, not distinguishing between Madeleine and her sister Amelie

... from the McCann?s and their friends, including?

81. David Payne: ?"...then Kate came back just after ten o? clock, you know absolutely distraught err you know just, you know her face I?ll never forget. It was A FACE OF SOMEONE?S CHILD who had been taken?"

82. Gerry : ?"We want a big event to raise awareness that she is still missing (...) It wouldn?t be a one-year anniversary, it will be sooner than that" said just a moth after she vanished

83. Kate : "I bet she's giving whoever she's with her tuppance worth."

84. Gerry : "I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleine?s disappearance in the long term." Again from June 2007 - how did he know she wouldn?t be found before then?

85. Russell O?Brien : "I have nothing further to tell you. I am not going to dishonour the compromise I assumed with Kate and Gerry. They want to control all information that is disclosed"

86. Gerry : "It will be some sort of focus around an anniversary, to tell people that Madeleine's still missing. I think it would be later this year, once media attention has dropped, to bring it back up, hopefully, for a short period."

87. David Payne : "We have a pact. This is our matter only. It is nobody else?s business"

88. Rachel Oldfield : "they would know what to do to resuscitate a child"

89. Gerry : ?wasn?t as bad as the night we found her?


90. When describing Madeleine sleeping that night, Kate said she was ?under the covers? where as Gerry mentioned that his daughter ?slept without the covers, as was normal?

91. Matthew Oldfield initially claimed that Kate and the children were at the tennis courts when he arrived there at 18.30 where as the rest of the Tapas 9 claim otherwise

92. David Payne?s 18.30 / 18.40 check on Kate (last person out with the parents to see Madeleine) : According to Kate the sliding door was closed, and that David didn?t actually enter the apartment, remaining at the door. But according to David, the door was open and he ?definitely? entered the apartment.

93. Matt Oldfield chivvying up the Payne?s at 21.00 : Matt claims he passed them near the top of the road, but David claims to have passed him by the swimming pool, Fiona claims to have passed him outside 5A, and Dianne Webster initially claimed that Matthew wasn?t even there.

94. Prior to the PJ arriving at 12:40/12:50 Russell O'Brien has written the timeline for them all, including, ?Jane tanner sees stranger walking carrying child.? He does this while Gerry McCann sits at the same table. However, according to Jane Tanner it?s three o' clock in the morning when she informs Gerry McCann for the first time


95. Various other possible withheld evidence as hinted at, including intercepted phone calls / text messages

96. Independent witness statement (from McCann neighbour) regarding the luggage door of the McCann?s hire vehicle being open morning, noon and night

97. Gerry?s missing hold-all / tennis / kit bag which he was seen with the day Madeleine disappeared cannot be located by detectives

98. Gaspar (UK GPs) statements detailing concerns about the father and one of his friends on holiday with them

99. Yvonne Martin (Social Worker) statement regarding concerns about the same friend

100. This same friend calls the Metropolitan Police Crime Specialist Director (a number which is also used as the out of hours contact for the Met?s Child Abuse Investigation Team) 24 hours after the alarm

Thanks to chrissie from The Maddie Case Files for finding the FOI request


  1. Hallo Johanna,
    herzlichen Dank für den tollen Artikel.
    Ob die Herrschaften in UK nicht endlich mal hellhörig werden bei so viel Klartext?
    Es ist ruhig geworden um die McC. Sie werden doch nicht schon heimlich ausgewandert sein :-)

    Liebe Grüsse

  2. Hallo Caro, interessant ist auch dass Clarence Mitchell ausdrücklich gesagt hatte, dass es von Regierungsseite als "rare stranger abduction" kategorisiert sei, also als seltene Entführung durch Fremde. Wieder eine Lüge mehr in seinem Kerbholz. Müsste nun langsam zersplittern...

  3. Interssant!
    Aber das Foreign & Commonwealth Office hat noch nicht so ganz mitbekommen, dass es keine haltbaren Hinweise gibt, die auf eine Entführung schliessen lassen.
    Na ja, zumindest ist das Statement des Foreign & Commonwealth Office teilweise korrekt...
    Dazu passt Mr. Jerry's gebetsmühlenähnliches Wiederholen von:
    "...thärrrr's aaaaaaaabsolutely no äääääävidence Madeleine come to any harm...."
    nicht so wirklich.
    Oh, ich denke, das Statement des Foreign Office wird McDrecks nicht in den Kram passen.
    Vielen Dank für diesen Beitrag, Johanna;
    :-x Stefani

  4. Hallo Johanna,
    ob wir das je erleben werden das der Fall gelöst wird?

    Ich hoffe, das die neue Regierung ein wenig mehr hinterfragt wenn von den McC wieder eine Anfrage zur Hilfe kommen sollte.

    Das ist doch alles so offensichtlich, wie hier gelogen wurde das man nicht verstehen kann wieso die Polizei nicht nachhakt, offiziell sind ja die McC nicht für unschuldig erklärt worden....


  5. Hallo Johanna,
    Danke für deine Arbeit.

    War Gestern dieses Programm im Fernsehen oder Internet?
    In welchem zusammenhang ist dieses Programm gezeigt worden?
    Liebe Grüsse

  6. ""War Gestern dieses Programm im Fernsehen oder Internet?""

    Ich weiß nicht so ganz genau welches Programm du meinst, das erste ist ein Schriftstück, verfasst vom Aussenministerium und das andere war ein Beitrag im Diskussionsforum von SkyNews von einem sehr genau recherchierenden Leser.

  7. Tipp zu kritischem Buch, das in die selbe Richtung geht und noch mehr Indizien auf die Verwicklung der McCanns gibt:
    "Analyse des Vermisstenfalles Madeleine McCann": http://www.amazon.de/Analyse-Vermisstenfalles-Madeleine-McCann-Daniela/dp/3865533531/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1279560319&sr=8-2, wie ich sah schon erhältlich unter www.buchhandel.de