Mittwoch, 7. Mai 2014

Nothing new here

Basically nothing new for those that have followed the case with an open mind and the PJ files at
their disposal. Only logical consequences resulting from the review of those files by Scotland Yard.

In the same way nothing much had been added to the files after Goncalo Amaral had been forced out of the investigation until Paulo Rebelo had moved the case to it's shameful closure, nothing much has been added in the seven years since then. Ok some offices had been raided and boxes of hopefully incriminating material had been seized, possibly one or the other prime witness had come forward with info that warranted a reward in October, but otherwise...? Nope...

The PJ files are still the basis and the key to the case. The course of events, the timeline of both evenings, the removal with all it's mishaps can be construed with the help of these documents compiled by earnest and honest cops that performed a monumental task in an invironment poisoned by the biggest scum of this sad tale, the British meeedja, puppets on a string of their masters, Team McCann.

And since there is nothing new to report at the moment I would like to DIG out some long forgotten posts...

Das Dreieck


and for the fun of it:

Knöpfe (Buttons)

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