Donnerstag, 29. Mai 2014

Maddie's Jammies

No I am not going to do another research on the infamous pyjamas. Maren from the Netherlands had done an absolutely amazing piece of research that leaves nothing to add:

I am just trying to make sense of the current, rather confusing situation we find ourselves in.

The digging that is soon to commence...

If they are serious about digging in the heart of Praia da Luz and if it is not purely a distraction exercise for the media, I wonder what they will be looking for.

The evidence in the hired car, the George Brooks sighting and common sense tells us that it can't be a body they are looking for, but it must be some item/s that had to be disposed of separate from the body. IMO there is only one thing that the Gerry-lookalike abductor took with him on his way to the beach and that were Madeleine's pyjamas. Those pyjamas we had endless discussions about and whole newspaper articles written about trying to confuse us whether they were Eeyore or Barbie, white or pink, long-sleeved or short-sleeved...

The reason for the change of the description of the pyjamas which the BBC proudly claimed to have initiated, might have been the description of the pyjamas the Smiths saw on the girl that had been taken towards the beach by a man resembling Gerry McCann. It might have been of utter importance to cover-up the Smith sighting and any resemblance with Maddie.

After the Eeyore pyjamas had been presented to the whole world it then would of course have been equally important that her body should never be found in her real pyjamas because that would expose a lie of enormous proportions. So body and pyjama would most likey have been separated at some stage.

Could this be the reason for the digs soon to commence? Not for a body but for the pyjamas? Their colour, make and sleeves would tell their own story.

I do remember Andy Redwood issuing the words: “We know the pyjamas their child was wearing…"

While we are speaking a BRIGHTON film company have offered a programme to Channel 5 to be aired next Wednesday about the "McCanns and the Conman". Unfortunately the conman is not coming from Brighton.


  1. They might find a few hair beads too.

  2. Kannst dein blog nicht auch in deutsch schreiben...habs heute erst gefunden und finde es sehr interessant nur leider ist mein englisch bei weitem nicht so gut um deine texte gamz zu verstehen...leider...deine theorie ist auch ganz schön krass weil sie so sein könnte .nur ich frage mich ob es wirklich möglich ist,dass 6 menschen so lange schweigen und dabei noch zusammen ein geheimniss macht auch die stärksten kaputt...naja aber könnte so sein wie du schreibst...

    1. Ich hatte angefangen auf Deutsch, vor langer Zeit. Das Interesse war mager. Dann hab ich eine Zeitlang auf deutsch/english geschrieben und plötzlich hatte ich Leser. Heutzutage fehlt mir leider meist die Zeit, die auf Englisch verfassten Einträge noch zu übersetzen. Es tut mir leid.

      In diesem Eintrag geht es darum, wie interessant es wäre wenn die Suche den Schlafanzug von Maddie zu Tage fördern würde. Vor allem wenn er der Beschreibung der Eltern widerspräche sondern eher der Beschreibung der Familie Smith, mit langen Ärmeln....