Samstag, 11. Februar 2012

They came to Lisbon

What happens if Portuguese heart and passion, American determination and verve and German logic and efficiency meet for a night out in Lisbon? If the location happens to be a Fado restaurant, heart and passion will clearly dominate the evening. And after years of turning stones this is what was really needed. No "job talk", no discussions about a certain Team. Just food, wine, songs and a general air of consent and content. There is not much left to talk about, tiny differences of opinions are mutually accepted and will come out in the wash anyway.

Although the orginal reason for the trip could not be met, support was shown nevertheless. And a strengthening of links between people who share the same urgent longing as the Fado singer expresses in his work. Only we are longing for Truth and Justice. Thanks again to Joana and Pat for a very special night.


  1. I would like to offer my respect and admiration to 'the diners' for their pursuit of truth and justice for Madeleine,aged 3, We should have great faith in these great people.Thank you.x

  2. Thank you to you too dear J., it was fantastic to meet you, big hug with friendship, beijinhos :)