Freitag, 10. Februar 2012

Tavares de Almeida's mind set at rest

In the intercalary report Inspector Tavares de Almeida wondered yet again about the strange course of events on the staged evening of May 3rd. Of course he only suspected it being staged, but we are now pretty convinced it had been staged and can therefore put his mind at rest in at least one point. This is what he found inexplicable regarding Kate raising the alarm:

It is not understandable why she didn’t use the mobile phone to call Gerald or the group or, even simpler, that she didn’t walk out on the balcony from where she could be perfectly heard by the members of the group.

I think we can now reveal what we believe her reason was for the above. A phone call as well as shouting from the balcony would have put a finger on the actual time of her first alert. This could not be allowed since the body would have still to be removed and an official alert at that time might have alerted unwanted help in the "search".

That is why she most probably went to the Tapas bar and informed the table more quietly without alerting the staff and other guests and only much later shouted it from the rooftops erm... the balcony to place the timing of the alert to a later time.


  1. What I have trouble coming to terms with, is as follows. There appears to be a reliable sighting of Gerry McCann at approximately 9.55 pm by the Smiths. If this is correct, then he wasn't at the dinner table with the Tapas 7, when his wife raised the alarm (allegedly at 10pm). But some distance away? So it would appear that the whole of the Tapas 7 must have been involved in staging the disappearance. Including,Dianne Webster whom I understand some individuals feel, was not part of any conspiracy?
    If Gerry was heading to the beach, to hide the body, then this would have taken sometime. So in reality, he would have not got back to the apartment until say at least 10.15pm?
    So it would appear that the Tapas 7 (including D.W.) were all equally culpable in the disappearance? This would account for the failure of Kate to raise the alarm in a public manner, until Gerry had returned? This in turn gives credence to your theory of there being an "incident" in the apartment on the 2nd rather than the 3rd? As it would take time to organise a cover story and get all of the tapas 7 "on board" in the staging. As if just one of them, had not been willing to take part, the plot would have been ruined? So there must have been some very persuasive story being used by the McCann's, to get the Tapas 7 them involved? Not least, if there involvement was discovered, in effect all of there careers would be ruined. Aside from a risk to all of them, facing potential legal action? Of course, if they did all conspire together, then once the deed was done. They would all have to keep quiet as to exactly what happened that night?
    I personally feel that it could have been the case that only a "select" few of the tapas 7 were involved and/or that the Smith's sighting might be a false lead? But just my own personal views, as to what appears to be such a baffling case.
    Any views?

  2. I once started off with analysing the various statements of the Tapas 7 and found that six of them had been lying in the process. Worst offenders are Jane and Matt. Especially Matt's description of his check inside 5A is a lie from beginning to end. (there is a blog entry somewhere on here in german) The only person I found that was not obviously lying was Dianne Webster. She even contradicted their most crucial statements. That lead me to the conclusion that the arrangement of the Thursday was the necessity to keep Dianne out of the loop. No breakfast, no lunch, no dinner, no playtime where she could have noticed Maddie missing. But all others had to be complicit to go through with this plan. The threat was clear: a child that had died while the whole group had neglected all children would be headline in the british media. Their lifes would be ruined even if they would not be prosecuted in Portugal, wich was certainly not clear in the beginning. And according to the original plan they only had to feign ignorance at a normal dinner. No lies, no sightings of eggmen, no confirming visits in 5A. This only changed with the Smith encounter.

    Regarding the timeline of the evening: Everything happened about 10 minutes earlier. The alarm was quietly raised by Kate at ~21:50, Gerry was seen 5-10 minutes later by the Smiths, Dianne was in the apartment the first time at 22:00 where Gerry was not present and a second time at 22:10 when Gerry was back. That was the time the balcony scene happened. That was the official alarm.

  3. Johanna
    Many thanks for your detailed response. As previously, I am not being critical of your theory or any other theories. Just questioning motives and background to the case.
    As to the Tapas 7 and them being complicit, I see your logic. The only couple whom would seem to have some mitigating circumstances to justify leaving their children alone, would be the Payne's and there use of a baby listening device? And it could even be the case that they would have also been seen as being highly irresponsible. Just relying on this method of ensuring the safety of there children?
    As to the timeline, the key factor appears to be where Gerry was between 9.45 and 10.10 pm and whether he was present at the dinner table when the alarm was raised by Kate?
    Couple of points. Could Gerry have reached the beach or somewhere else to hide the body and return by 10.10 pm? The allegeded sigting at 9.55pm by the Smiths, appears to create a potential time-line? Am unsure as to the distances involved?
    I also understand that Kate went out for a jog on the 3rd and was witnessed near the beach running? Just a coincidence or an opportunity to do a scouting mission, to look for potential places to hide a body? I think she was later quoted as saying that she had seen a storm water overflow outlet on the beach, which could have been used for such a purpose?
    As per normal, would be very interested in your views and no criticism is intended as to your theory. Which seems from the many sites/books I have read, as to be one of the most plausible theories as to what happened in the case.

  4. Johanna
    Coming back to your comment posted @ 10.23 on 14 August. Checked the statement given by Dianne Webster to Leicestershire Police. Which states..........
    "Again I wasn’t looking at the time but just thinking to what happened is that err Russell came back to table and err they’d actually cooked him a fresh steak and he was just starting to tuck into it when err Kate had obviously gone back to check on the children, came running in you know, as far as I can recollect she said you know she’s gone, Gerry, Madeleine’s gone, screaming you know.”
    The last sentence seems to be the key one in which she states.....
    "as far as I can recollect she said you know she’s gone, GERRY, Madeleine’s gone, screaming you know.”
    The clear implication being that she recollects Gerry being at the table? So if she is also lieing, then she is also complicit in any cover up that may have taken place?

  5. RE: Graham @01:12

    Gerry was at the table when Kate came to the table to alert the group. He immediately sprinted towards the apartment ahead of the others. Dianne was ordered to stay at the table. Then imo the removal happened because earlier attempt(s) had failed and this was the last chance to stay with their original plan.
    Dianne was only reporting what she saw- truthfully imo.

    RE: Graham @ 20:55
    Distances are not huge in PdL. I timed the distance between the apartment and the place where the Smith encounter happened with 3-4 minutes going down and possibly 5-6 minutes going uphill. I am sure that when the carrier reached the Smiths there was yet another change of plan and the body was temporarily hidden until 4:00 o'clock the next morning. A very high risk strategy again, but to stay away longer from the apartment in order to reach the predetermined hiding place was a bigger risk in the face of all these people having seen him.
    Yes I am sure that a hiding place had been checked out during the afternoon of the Thursday during a time both parents are not accounted for: ~16:00 - 18:00