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Nice try...

This is a comment posted in the Theory (English) thread that I would like to draw attention to:

Johanna, I know this doesn't really touch the body of your reconstruction of the events of May 2/3,2007, but I was wondering if you had seen this thread page on the website,

. . . in which it is alleged that Martin Grime falsified the sniffer dog alert to "Cuddle Cat" at Vista Mar Villa and that the police in the UK have been covering it up.

A video entitled, Search of Vista Mar Villa, 02 August 2007, viewable at the at the following URL:

. . . shows Eddy the sniffer dog alerting to something on the counter top in the kitchen at Vista Mar Villa, then shows him failing to alert to "Cuddle Cat" and then shows Martin Grime removing "Cuddle Cat" from the cupboard beneath the counter top, as if the dog had alerted to "Cuddle Cat", even though the video has already shown that "Cuddle Cat" was in another room, when Eddy alerted to the counter top.

It seems to me that this might well call into question all of the sniffer dog alerts, at least as far as the McCann's publicity machine is concerned and might well raise doubt as to whether Madeleine actually died in apartment 5A.

I was wondering what your reaction is to the idea that Eddy, the sniffer dog, might not be as infallible as we have been led to believe.

Personally, I don't think it alters the overall complexion of the case, but it certainly damages the police credibility in the case in a very demonstrable way.

I am going to answer this on here to give it a better attention:

Nice try but completely wrong. Just a couple of points:

- Eddie was not playing with cuddlecat but tried to get at it in the corner. When he dragged it out, a pencilcase dropped to the floor and momentarily scared him and he dropped it. We have to remember that cuddlecat had been washed as Kate admitted. The "precious" toy of her beloved daughter had been stuffed in the corner when no cameras were around. Only for official press conferences with cameras was it taken with her, certainly not that day when they had to leave the villa because police arrived.

- Since cuddlecat had been washed, the scent must have been so minute that Eddie did not alert to it immediately but showed some interest. Only when put in the cupboard enough scent emanated and accumulated to produce a positive alert by barking.

- The alleged kitchen area is not a kitchen at all - there is a separate kitchen in the next room as you can see in the video. This is a sideboard in the "dinette" and although there is one cup on it, the rest of the stuff is certainly no kitchen sink with dirty dishes. Suncreams, handkerchiefs, pens and lots of paperwork can be detected but certainly no dirty dishes. The place was a mess but not that bad...

- There is no cut in the video between the alert and the opening of the sideboard to reveil cuddlecat. When was Martin Grimes supposed to position the cat inside the sideboard to cover-up a "false alert"?
 As I said, nice try but not good enough. Back to the drawing board for those trying so very desperately to discredit the dogs. 

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