Sonntag, 16. Juni 2013

Whitewash (updated)

Tweets by Mark Williams-Thomas suggest a frantic whitewashing exercise before Socrates will finally be without the power to influence the investigation on the Portuguese side.

Just been told that the Home Secretary did not want 2 commit the Met Police 2 undertake any kind of review but this was over ruled by the PM

Am told Home Secretary Ms May did not want to commit Met Police to any kind of Madeleine review but was over ruled by the PM- Mr Cameron

And the deal was very much done at a political level between both Prime Ministers - not at a policing level
After waking up this morning to the news that that Andy Redwood, the inspector "responsible" for the unsolved Jill Dando case, where Clarence Mitchell had been the first person on the crime scene, and where a patsy was found, convicted and later exonerated, is taking over the Maddie case I am going to give it a rest for now.

No need to bother anymore. The PJ had realised their involvement days after she went missing. We have realised their involvement pretty soon. After a thorough look into the files there was no doubt left that they were involved.

And now they are trying to tell us that they need years and millions to "review" the whole thing? LP had the files, they KNEW. But were ordered to do nothing.

I am clear in the knowledge of what happened that holiday. I am also convinced now that they had the means to get help from the Government in their cover-up.

The case is solved for me, my investigative mind is at rest. I have accepted that the world does not want to know the truth and that is fine with me.

There is not much left to discover, just to sit back and watch the final whitewash unfold. There will always be those that know and those that let themselves be deceived.

The McCanns and especially Kate as the main protagonist are not behind bars but have built their own prison worse than anything they would have had to expect had they admitted her death from the beginning.

...but where do you go to my lovely
When you're alone in your bed
Tell me the thoughts that surround you
I want to look inside your head, yes I do...


  1. Nun hilft auch David Cameron beim Vertuschen! Ich glaube mittlerweile wie andere vielbelächelte "Verschwörungstheoretiker", dass Erpressung im Spiel ist: Die McCanns oder ein einflußreicher Freund von ihnen weiß etwas über dunkle Seiten von Parlamentsmitliedern im United Kingdom. Und ich glaube weiterhin, dass sich dieses "(P)-Problem" durch alle möglichen Parteien zieht. Am 5. Juni 2011 finden in Portugal vorgezogene Parlamentswahlen statt, in dieser kurzen Spanne kann Scotland Yard dieses "Re-view" wohl nicht durchführen und es bleibt die Hoffnung, dass nach den Wahlen eine Änderung in der Behandlung des Falles eintritt. Aber bis dahin hat McMafia möglicherweise schon alle bisher zurückgehaltenen Akten in den Klauen. Man will jetzt ganz schnell etwas konstruieren, was die Entführungstheorie untermauert. IMHO: Alles meine unmaßgebliche Meinung :-))

  2. Hi Jo,

    Your words 'the world does not want to know the truth and thats fine by me' hit me right between the eyes.

    Jo thank-you so much for all you have done, it has been hard fighting them and to be honest my arms are very tired with swimming against the tide.

    Unless something happens to change my mind your post shall be the final on my blog, very fitting I believe after all you have done.

    Take care my friend and we will keep in touch.

    God bless


  3. Kate now ...believes that Madeleine was sedated the day she was taken and was excessively tired when putting her to bed that night, apparently friends had seen the kids club on the beach that day and Madeleine wasnt with them but was there when Kate picked her up and the friend had later mentioned it but the PJ never looked into it!

    Jo, this is from Kates it seems Madeleine was dead before May 3rd as I believe we had already guessed. Kate still trying to cover her tracks...

  4. ""Fiona and Dave had been windsurfing that morning and had seen Madeleine’s group, who had gone down to the beach for their ‘mini-sail’ activity. We heard later that they’d been on a speedboat as well as a dinghy. Fiona told me she’d spotted Ella there but not Madeleine.""

    Backtracking badly. But Jane was the one who said Fiona had seen Maddie on the boat. And why the superfluous information about the two boats? Referring to my "Sail away" post?