Sonntag, 9. Juni 2013


A child goes missing in a foreign country. There are no indications of an abduction, she just disappears from this earth. The parents do everything to raise awareness in the media. Clarence Mitchell - PR-Guru - offers his services. A reward is offered.

The subject of neglect is being discussed in the media.

The mother employs Metodo 3, the crooks that have no experience with child abductions but so much more with fraud and other illegal activities. A laptop with possibly crucial evidence gets stolen. Soon after the employment of Metodo 3 all kind of sightings and suspects suddenly emerge. Mysterious blondes, dark strangers with african accents; known criminals are accused of having killed her. The obligatory white van has been seen.

A book is written, Prime Ministers are being besieged, money is requested for the CAMPAIGN.

And then there is a killing....


Although it sounds exactly like the story of the disappearance of Madeleine McCann the last sentence is pointing at a different case. I am talking about the disappearance of Amy Fitzgerald, a 15 year old girl that vanished in Spain in 2008. Although so similar, the latest developments could possibly bring Amy what Madeleine has still no chance of achieving. Justice

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