Sonntag, 7. August 2011


Thank you all readers for the mostly very positive response to my blog. It had been very rewarding to arrive after 3 years at a point when my conclusions and errors finally focused into a theory that stands the test against the files, not necessarily against individual opinions. It has come natural to me to try and put some sense into the process after the release of the files. It is not hard work nor does it take away from my working time or time with my family. And it certainly does not cost money to maintain a blog on blogspots.

Therefore I would also like to thank those readers that occasionally ask me about how they could contribute to the blog. The only way I can think of is a contribution to the two sources without which all those little orange bits in my blog entries would not work. I am in the possession of the original files, but how much easier is it to just be able to go to a site, enter a keyword and find the appropriate part in the files instead of filing through huge adobe documents with the help of an index. And how better to visualise an argument than linking it directly to the databases that either contain the complete police files, scanned and indexed with their correlating translations into english or to the archive of shame as I call it mostly - that of the media reports.

Apart from the tranlators without which we could not exist there are therefore two main databases, that apart from being maintained with at least the same dedication than a mere blog, are also a costly enterprise and which I would recommend as being worthy of financial contribution should somebody wish to do so:

Gerry McCanns Blogs By Pamalam - the police files database and - the media database


  1. Hi Johanna
    Many thanks for your kind words of appreciation; it is always a pleasure to run the site when people like yourself appreciate it.
    For those who are still not aware my site. It has now been divided into 2 sites

    Gerry McCanns Blogs
    For all Gerrys Blogs news and numerous other things.

    McCann PJ Files
    For all the Official PJ inquiry files and documents
    Cheers Pamalam

  2. Hi Pamalam,

    I should have made that clear but I was at first trying to link directly to the paypal site and only when that did not work switched to

    The links to the files mostly lead to

    Keep up the good work and I am still proud of you that you opposed spineless Carter-Ruck with their ridiculous letter for Team McCann.