Mittwoch, 15. Juni 2016

Paedophile Haven

Nothing seems to surprise us anymore when it comes to the naming and shaming of members of the British Elite as alleged paedophiles. To realise that a large majority only seems to get found out after their death might be a coincidence but could also speak of cover-up in very high circles.It does not surprise me that one of the accused has now been connected prominently with the McCann case.

In 2009 I went on my first trip to visit Praia da Luz and to my husbands amusement photographed large parts of the phone book in that region. Back at home I used those photographs to help establish the owners of phones that turn up in the Vodafone files regarding the case. At that time I came across the calls to the Casa Colina and established a link to Clement Freud without having any proof if the parents had ever met or even spoken to him, since the villa was listed under the name of a friend of his. The connections to Murdoch and Mitchell just made me sit up, and the location of the Villa at their jogging path intrigued me.

Two years later Kate in her book confirmed that they indeed had met and thus confirmed my investigations from that time. This was the blog I wrote after her book was published


It might have been all above board and their meeting a social event deemed to comfort the parents of a missing child thrown among the wolves represented by the British media.

Would there not be that nagging question in the back regions of my brain that has always mystified me. Why was there a need to erase the phone history on both their phones prior to May 3rd? Even if they were guilty of covering-up an accident on the 3rd, why risk having to explain the deletion? If they had acted in a panic there would be no incriminating phone calls that needed deletion.

What happened prior to May 3rd that they did not want the Portuguese police to know?

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