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They tried to destroy me

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Gonçalo Amaral received an apology from Manuela Ferreira Leite

"They tried to destroy me"

In 2009, the former "Maddie case" inspector was chosen by PSD to be the candidate for the Municipality of Olhão. He was pushed from the race by the McCann couple.

The story is over six years old, but it remains fully alive in the memory of Gonçalo Amaral, the former "Maddie case" coordinator. After he retired, PSD wanted to launch him into the life of politics, indicating him "as candidate for the presidency of the Municipality of Olhão", in late 2008. When everything already pointed at him as the strongest candidate for victory, a contrary announcement came from Manuela Ferreira Leite [then president of the party]. Gonçalo Amaral was received by the then PSD leader who apologised to him about the decision.

"The McCannns allege that they devalued the book and only the showing of the documentary prompted them to react. It's not true. The book came out and was devalued by the couple, but before the documentary, in January of 2009, the newspapers published that I had been chosen by PSD to run for the presidency of the Olhão Municipality", the former inspector says, stressing: "What happened was that the couple always tried to destroy me, to destroy my credibility, and they were scared of the possibility of me stopping being an outsider, a police retiree, and becoming the president of the Municipality of Olhão. They were scared, they thought that a mayor would be a more credible figure than that of a police officer", says Amaral, describing his version of the events at that time. "The couple's reaction was swift. In a flash trip, Gerald McCann came to Lisbon, met with his lawyer, Dr Rogério Alves, with a PSD leader, who is said to be Dr José Luís Arnaut, and the couple’s current lawyer, Dr Isabel Duarte. They talked about me, a Portuguese citizen with the right to vote or to be elected in any democratic election, and they even delivered a report about me, done by their private detectives that had been hired to look for their daughter. After the meeting, Dr Manuela Ferreira Leite announced that I would not be a candidate, overriding the will of the Olhão militants and the will of the Algarve's people."

After this removal, Gonçalo Amaral asked to be received by Ferreira Leite. “She received me at the party's headquarters, and only apologised, to me and to my family”, he revealed in an interview to Nova Gente, once more defending that “the couple didn’t suffer any damages, they were merely scared about the course my life was taking, because they wanted to discredit me”.

in: Nova Gente, paper edition, 22.05.2015


  1. The smell of corruption that emanates from this McCann case doesn't require highly trained dogs to signal it.

    1. Corruption is not the correct term. Anyone who reads the book of Amaral attentive, recognizes that the McCann's under the protection of British intelligence.