Donnerstag, 9. Oktober 2014

All in the Family

This was Clarence Mitchell talking to the Press shortly after Martin Brunt had stalked and outed her on live TV, while the DailyMail shortly afterwards gave her real name away splitting the outing to avoid repercussion.

After her horrible and lonely death we find out via a radio interview of the Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Bernhard Hogan-Howe that it was the family who gave the Dossier to the Police, either to BHH himself as Martin Brunt claimed, or to Operation Grange, although a complaint to the local police of Leicestershire would have been the logic choice.

Interviewer: So tell me about that file that was handed to you re. at the McCanns, you know, concerned individuals and certainly that story has been in the headlines with tragic consequences...yesterday. A file handed to you? Are you looking at it at the minute?

BHH - no what happened, well first of all, you may have seen over the last 10 days we've launched a cyber crime unit, about 500 officers. Thats really intended to target people who steal things, not necessarily bullying , I think that's going to be a real challange to us in the future just in terms of volume.

But in terms of that file, what happened if you recall was that the family handed to our team who are investigating or reviewing the murder of... sorry errm reviewing the missing girl errm the McCann daughter. The file was handed to that team and we were liasing with Leicestershire police which is where the McCann family live..... and as suddenly it turned out possibly the person who was trolling or abusing people may well have been.

So the file was in the process of being considered partly by the Met, partly by Leicestershire police but it was likely to have been dealt with by Leicestershire police and not by the Met.

The question remains who gave the "dossier" to the media, but if one discounts the leaking of such uninteresting material by the Police then there remains only one possibility...

IMO this concerted campaign to shut up those on the internet that still after 7 years are very vocal in questioning the McCanns and their version of events started with the book by Summers & Swan, which prepared the way with their constant reference to "haters" of the parents combined with the claim of authority on the "definite account" of what happened in Praia da Luz in 2007.

The supporter group had been hording information on the "dissenters" for a long time and after Summers and Swan claimed that trolls and haters had led a campaign to discredit their book on with unjustified reviews, and when @sweepyface (Brenda Leyland) was linked to one of those negative reviews the way was clear. She, one of the more moderate dissenters, was to be the first EXAMPLE to be outed and presented to the world as a troll, soon to be followed by those that actually used veiled threats against the parents. Her "crime" was that she had written a review on Amazon and lived in Leicester.

Only that the whole campaign to finally shut up those questioning the McCanns failed not only to coincide with Scotland Yard giving up the case as impossible to solve, but also because the first victim of the campaign dared to kill herself. (Pending coroner's verdict)

And so Gerry now refuses to talk about "trolls"

Asked whether they felt it was right for the media to identify internet trolls, 46-year-old Mr McCann replied: ‘I don't really want to talk about trolls, we're here very much to talk about child rescue.’

Of course he is... And enjoying himself on a charity do, where he was sure to run into Hugh Grant and was able to discuss the advantages of sending in the Press when need be.All in the spirit of the #HackedOff campaign.

For those of you who really want to get to the bottom of the news and want to decide for themselves if Brenda Leyland did anything that constituted an offence (either by racism or threats) , feel free to check yourself in her "tweet-file".


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  1. Ich habe das Video gesehen, der Reporter Martin Brunt von Sky News hat diese Frau auf übelste Art in die Ende gedrängt vor laufender Kamera, stalking ist das. Und nun ist sie tot. Wie konnte Brunt sich dazu nur hergeben! Diese Leute gehen tatsächlich über Leichen, vor allem die Drahtzieher im Hintergrund. Kannst du gut schlafen, Martin?