Donnerstag, 3. Juli 2014

Going through the motions

My take on the Arguidos and the alleged evidence based on the report by Marisa Rodrigues from JN to which I would like to express a very special thanks for a professional reporting. 

1. S.M.

1.1. The sofa

The alleged similarity between hairs found on the discarded sofa and in Apartment 5A is only theoretical. Since no DNA had been obtained in 2007 from S.M. the only comparison that could be done in the Lisbon lab was to extract and analyse the MtDNA from the hairs and place them in the relevant Haplotype groups.

Haplotype X - apart. Ocean Club e sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao
Haplotype Y - apart. Ocean Club e sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao
Haplotype Z - Residencia Liliana e sofa of 1-seat in the garage in Portimao

But since there are only a certain number of haplotypes it is of absolute no relevance if the same haplotype is found in two different spots.

There was also a similarity of hairs in a completely unrelated apartment in Burgau and Apartment 5A. And if my hair was tested I am sure my haplotype would fit one of the hairs found in 5A as well.
1.2. The hearsay

The statement concerning the alleged overheard conversation regarding a body that had to be disposed of was neither made to the PJ nor is it part of the original rogatory process and can therefore only have been made to one of the McCann's private investigators. How much credibility does this have if it was the then suspects PI's that "unearthed" this statement? The credibility of Metodo 3 (and I suspect it was them) has been at it's height when they promised Maddie to be back by Christmas and has since lost considerably...

1.3. The arson

This was a crime directed at the Arguido, the burning of his car and the framing of him. Wouldn't it be a good idea to try and find out who did it and why, instead of turning the victim of a crime into a suspect of another crime because he had been a victim in the first place?
Do we have to point out that this crime was committed during the reign of Metodo 3?

2. J.S. ("recently diagnosed with a brain tumour. He didn't follow his doctor and his lawyer advice and decided to speak up to refute the accusations.")

2.1 The burglarizer

In the list of employees of the Ocean Club there is the word "furto" attached to the Arguido's name, written by the PJ investigation which means "theft". But so it is with 2 other persons that are not being targeted by Scotland Yard. Of course it is normal that people that have been charged previously with some kind of offence should be investigated, but this had obviously been done by the PJ who came up with no connection. We should not forget that NOTHING was taken from 5A exept the body of a little girl.

2.2 The phonecalls

The only phonecall relating to J.S. in the released PJ files is to the number allegedly belonging to R.R. at 21:51. Nothing else.

2.4. The residence

J.S. lives on Rua Primero do Maio. The Smith sighting was in Rua 25 de Abril roughly 350 metre away, in no way a suspicious distance in such a small town if you live in the centre and not in some ex-pat area.

2.5. The e-fit

The person who allegedly helped to draw up this e-fit was 60-80% convinced that it had been Gerry McCann who he had seen. The fact that the e-fit had been hidden by the McCanns for years and the sighting covered-up weighs heavy against the possible similarity of somebody's face to an e-fit done by private investigators of the then suspects.

3. P.R.
Acting strangely might be excused when you are suffering from schizophrenia. Apart from that we have the same MO of the then accused's PI's contacting witnesses and getting e-fits done. Not in any way an independent source. Phonecalls are not in the files

4. R.R.
Having been only 16 years at the time of the "disappearance" he is supposed to fit the description of a witness who described a man 18-20 years of age as being a charity collector, which in itself is not a crime, at least not outside the Metodo world.
This and the one phonecall that can be found in the files should be sufficient to drag this young man in front of the vicious british media? I think not.
The whole "request" is in my opinion copied straight from a report of Metodo 3 that Scotland Yard found in the boxes they collected from their offices during a raid in Barcelona some years ago.

Which leaves a couple of questions: Why was it approved by the Portuguese judiciary? And what was the purpose of this action? To prepare for shelving the case again, because no patsy will ever be found after this latest farce? Or to refute even the most ludicrous scenarios that entered the process when they were found inside the boxes of Metodo 3 and therefore have to be dealt with?


  1. 1.3 Someone has pointed out on a video that two other cars were burned in Luz before Maddie was whooshed - you might want to check that.

  2. why on earth are you publishing the address of a man that is innocent?

    1. I agree this was unnecessary, I removed it. Can't find your complaints regarding the release of NAMES in the comment section of other blogs and newspapers though.

  3. Several things have moved on since the years of McCann PR machine of promoting the alleged abductor as seen at approximately 9.25pm by Mrs Tanner, having just passed Mr McCann chatting with a JW.

    We know now and expected to believe that this was a father+child returning from the sleep-in creche. Walking in the opposite direction, completely conflicting with her Rogatory interview\statement, but never the less, that is it. So, that has blown the whole of the groups alibis to to wind, since they now need to account for themselves individually & independently of each other - rather than using the timeline and Tanners earlier sighting of excluding them.

    Then there are the two e-fits that the MET found in their investigation, like father+child they seem to have come to light just when needed & without explanation. But one thing I feel is for sure, these e-fits are not from the Smith family. So where did they come from?

    Checking cars with dogs - how does that stand up against the DISMISSED alerts from the dogs connected with property \ car use of Mr & Mrs McCann.

    This just rumbles on and on .........................

    1. We know that the dog's alerts were never dismissed, in fact it was the British police who suggested them, drew up the search plan and brought them over. Unfortunately the evidence they led to was too weak to warrant a trial without a body only on circumstantial evidence.

      We know from Ambassador Ellis that "it was the British police that developed the current evidence against Madeleine McCann's parents in the high-profile case that has captured international attention."

      They were onto them from the start although their high-profile PR effectively blamed solely the Portuguese. Why should they now spend millions of public money into covering it up after it had been shelved for years? There is just no logic to it.

  4. Hat SY eigentlich jemals ein Statement abgegeben, warum die Eltern NICHT als Verdächtige gelten bzw. sie und ihre Tapas-Freunde niemals unter die Lupe genommen/verhört wurden?

  5. Johanna, what do you think about the integrity of SY's investigation by now? At least DCI Redwood left all doors open until now. I hope strongly the PJ and SY doesn't come up with a temporary pseudo arrest or something similar to influence the outcome of the libel trial on July 8th and 10th !