Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

The last time...

4078 "When did you last see Madeleine?”

Reply (Matthew Oldfield) "Err I’m not quite sure when I last saw her because it depending on whether we had lunch together as a group in David and Fiona’s, which err we may have done on the last day because it got more common as we went through the week but it was more common for the six in terms of the, David, Fiona, already in the apartment of course with Dianne and err Russ and Jane and G***e and Rachael and I to go up there and have lunch as a group than it was to have err the full complete group there at lunch time. Err but it would seem now, it probably wasn’t until the day previously because we’d seen them in the evening after their usual tea so I think on that day, on the final, on the Thursday when we came back up from tennis I’m not sure that Kate and the children err were there outside the tennis court when we arrived because we arrived late and it would have been about bedtime so I can’t specifically recall whether I saw Madeleine at that point, but we sort of arrived, err it wasn’t sort of big groups who were doing the usual sort of chasing games, they may have gone earlier because everybody else of course was still down with our wives, down in the err down at the restaurant on the beach so it would have been quite sort of the same sort of playgroup and they may have, I think they went back and they were gone by the time I got to the tennis courts.”

To be honest I have read it over and over again until I found this to be the essence of his waffling: "Err but it would seem now, it probably wasn’t until the day previously..." He wasn't sure if he saw her at lunchtime 3rd, which he didn't and he wasn't sure if he saw her at playtime 3rd, which he didn't so the last time he saw her was the day previously at playtime.

1578    “When was the last time you saw Madeleine”?

Reply (Russell O'Brien)  “Erm I certainly think I saw her at lunch time on the Thursday, erm when, when sort of Ella, when Ella and her would have come out the, the, the, the, the kids club, as I said earlier on, on, on Thursday afternoon, we did something slightly different and we were all down at, down at the beach front and were gonna eat there, my gut feeling is because I got there to pick Ella up before all of the children from the kids club were taken up to the, the Tapas that I did see Madeleine there, I have to say eleven months on, I, I can’t tell you that I had a picture of her definitely there, but unless Kate and Gerry picked her up separately, she, she would have been there and somewhere in the back of my mind I, I’ve got this picture of me taking Ella out and all the other children, including Madeleine were there but it’s too long after to, to, to really be honest on that and sort of say yes I definitely saw her, cos I, I don’t know I can now”.

Thursday lunchtime he, his wife, Matt and Rachael were having lunch in their apartment with their kids. Fiona allegedly accompanied Kate to the kids club to take their daughters out, not Jane or Russell. And he did not see Madeleine at the creche because in his heavily redacted statement he said: ", I cannot say whether Madeleine was there or not". Ergo the last time he really saw her was the day previously at playtime.

1578    “When was the last time you saw Madeleine”?

Reply (Rachael Oldfield)   “Erm it was when she was having a tennis lesson, in the morning yeah, about probably between ten thirty and eleven on the morning of the third of May”.

Madeleine did not have a tennis lesson in the morning of the 3rd although everybody was allegedly watching intently the group of strange children, while their own were taking a sailing trip at the beach. So the last time she saw Madeleine must have been the day previously at playtime.

Reply (David Payne)  ”Err I think it was already open, I think it was already open. Err you know, as I say, I walked up there, Kate was you know I say looking very relaxed and err I say a comment to her I said well crikey it’s early, early for them to be getting ready you know for bed, as I say she said ah no, I’ve had such a good, you know such a good day and afternoon err so you know, and Gerry’s just obviously finishing off playing tennis and err so you know hopefully try and get them down and as I say we were just, you know I, I know, it does sound bizarre but I just looked at the three of them and I couldn’t, you know they were just so well presented and so clean and immaculate it was, you know I was, and you know they just looked such healthy children, err you know, there’s, there’s you know nothing that normally…”

1485    ”Yeah. Was that the last time you saw Madeleine?”

Reply (David Payne)  ”It was.”

Taking into account that it was Gerry and not David who mentioned this alleged checking of Kate and the kids for the first time during a certainly stressful interview by the PJ and taking also into account that David's and Fiona's versions changed and differed in important points, I assume that this is not a truthful statement and the chances are pretty high that he saw Madeleine for the last time the day previously at playtime.

1485    “When was the last time you saw Madeleine?”
Reply (Fiona Payne) “It was, it would be when we walked back with, erm, Scarlet and Kate from the, from picking them at the kids club in the af.., in the lunch time, that was the last time I saw them”. 
1485    “At lunch time?”
Reply    “Yeah”.

Was it the af....ternoon pickup or was it the lunch time pickup? And who is "them"? Can't refute it but don't believe a word...

Reply (Jane Tanner)  “Erm, and I think we played ‘til about, phew, half two, because I think, I’m not sure if this is going to be another question that you are going to ask, but I think that was the last time that I saw Madeleine, because Kate and Gerry brought the kids, all the kids down to the play area to, they would have their lunch before they took them back to the Kids Club, and I think that was about two, quarter past two’ish, and I can remember Madeleine shouting things to us on the tennis court, you know, and I can remember Gerry sort of going ‘Oh good shot’ or whatever.  And I think that would have been the last time that I personally, you know, I personally saw Madeleine. 

4078    “And the last time you saw Madeleine was on the afternoon you (inaudible)”?
Reply    “Yeah we were playing tennis yeah”.

So Jane saw her but Rachael didn't? Even though Madeleine was shouting things to them on the court? Doubt it very much.

4078    “When was the last time you saw Madeleine?”
Reply (Dianne Webster)   “(Sighs) You see I don’t remember seeing her on the Thursday because I didn’t go to the high tea, err but I was apparently in the play area afterwards but I can’t recall that.”
4078    “Okay.”
Reply    “Err so from what I can recall, the last time I would have seen Madeleine would have been the Wednesday at the high tea probably.”

One person really telling it how it was, almost straight forward. Wednesday was the last time Madeleine was seen, at the high tea or rather in the playground afterwards.

But why all this deflection? Why didn't they all say straight away that this was the last time they saw her? Because this would have alerted the PJ immediately. And to further support the alleged fact that she was alive and well plenty of aditional information was fed to the investigation afterwards, like the last photo, the check by David Payne during dinner on May 2nd, the story about Maddie's complaint being told on the morning of the 3rd, the story about her crying on the boat.




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